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  1. Re: Heidenhain Post Processors for Mastercam X9

    Hi Azerty,
    Many thanks for this. I too found this post on the interweb. This particular post is from circa 1993 and probably for Mastercam V5. However X4 converts these posts, more or less upto...
  2. Re: Heidenhain Post Processors for Mastercam X9

    I just read the 'sticky' post about a user's first posting not being popular if they are begging for post-processors. So, I am going to make myself unpopular I guess. I too am looking for a...
  3. Bridgeport Interact 1Mk2 Heidenhain TNC151 4th axis encoder problem

    Hi, I've had my Interact a year or so now, and got everything working as a standard 3 axis machine. I 'won' a 4th axis on eBay recently, and started to have a look at integrating it into my machine....
  4. Help! Bridgeport Interact Series 1 MK 2 with Contraves spindle drive.

    I have a Bridgeport series one mark 2 Interact with TNC151 and a Contraves spindle drive. I have no circuit for the contraves bridgeport installation, as my manual only has the KTK drive set up. I...
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