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  1. Re: Cutting, engraving and finishing acrylic

    Use an air blower at the laser burn point to remove heat & smoke. It will likely solve clouding issue. If you have a 3d printer y9oucan print a nozzle.
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    Re: Cutting copper

    I've cut copper on a CNC plasma with no issues (but without the plastic backing of course). Also have use a hand router and a mill. Cuts pretty much like aluminum from my experience and no real...
  3. Re: Control power relays on CNCRP Nema 34 box?

    Just get a simple relay module from amazon and supply whatever voltage you need for your laser to the switched side and just a simple pull low (or high) to the module from your breakout board. Just...
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    Re: New 2x4 Saturn build

    I can change from spindle to plasma torch or back in about 15 minutes. If I need to plasma cut large items putting the large water table/tray in and filling it or draining it takes a bit longer. I...
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    Re: homing x axis with two motors and drivers

    Instability, loss of torque (each motor would get roughly half the current that the driver would normally supply to one motor), possible timing issues. You are doubling the reactance or inductance...
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    Re: homing x axis with two motors and drivers

    You should be using the the slave axis settings in Mach. Each motor should have it's own driver. Connecting 2 motors to one axis/driver will work if you reverse the wiring on one, but it's not the...
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    That's too bad they can't fix their issues and treat customers better. They make a good product and generally stand by what they sell you. If they could have fixed their communications and customer...
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    Re: New 2x4 Saturn build

    Nice job on the end caps. I went a different route and printed them on a 3d printer then attached with those plastic auto trim fasteners. I also 3d printed the stepper motor end covers.
  9. Re: who to buy a spindle from without breaking the bank

    The spindle/seller Ger21 mentioned (Rattmotor) as well as a few others are also available on Amazon. Since you are in the US and especially if you are a prime member you may save a bit, maybe not,...
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    Re: Grounding HF plasma torch

    This is an issue that has been addressed a number of times. The design of the many models of lower cost plasma cutters like the cut40, lotos etc. simply aren't designed to be used with CNC machines....
  11. Re: PM25MV faster than 2500 RPM spindle but with rigid tapping?

    I added a belt drive and upgraded the spindle bearings in mine and have had no vibration or heat issues since doing so. There are mods which allow the quill to be used manually, but I eliminated the...
  12. Re: Using mill table manually,, mach3 DRO readout

    I use a Vista CNC pendant. Easy to specify jog steps or speed and IMO the simplest way to "manually" mill simple cuts or surfacing.
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    Re: Non-CNCRP VFD on Plug & Play

    Are you using Mach 3 or UCCNC? If so do a search for the haunyang plugin. The HY import VFD and spindles are pretty good value if you want to keep costs down. It allows you to control the spindle...
  14. Re: Please guide me about undervoltage error.

    I think the best bet is to contact the manufacturer or retailer of your machine or possibly find a manual which may offer insight to what is causing the issue and how to fix it.
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    Re: XY but no Z movement from G01

    Sounds more like a hardware issue than your code. Can you jog your Z? If so and it is a code problem, it may be as simple as using a different post processor that is known to work with your setup....
  16. Thread: UC100

    by coherent

    Re: UC100

    As ger21 said, but also look into the ethernet models that they offer. I have a 100 that I use on a mill and while it works and is a huge step up from the old parallel port connected devices I have...
  17. Re: How do you cut your raw steel and aluminium stock?

    Horizontal bandsaw and for larger sheet materials plasma.
    I had a dewalt 14" abrasive cutoff saw... way too messy. Bought an Evolution and cutting mild steel tubing started smoking and motor quit....
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    Re: CNC plasma table

    You posted this exact same question already; https://www.cnczone.com/forums/plasma-edm-other-similar-machine-project-log/370890-cnc.html
    No need to double post.
  19. Re: Wax Brass Stamp : What bit shall i use? best software!

    The v-bits will work great, You may want to remove any material and the flats you can with a 1/16 or so flat bottom or ball end mill to cut down on the machining time, then finish cut with the end...
  20. Re: Engraving help? Which tool for this depth?

    aaah, that makes more sense. You could always use a high angle v-bit first and then use the micro bit to clean out the flat bottom and sides of the lettering. Otherwise I imagine you're right and the...
  21. Re: Wrong post processor? There is no lead in on my. Parts for plasma.

    Old post, but if there isn't room for the lead in or lead out then it won't cut with one... shorten the lead distance or use and arc instead etc.
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    Re: using the wrong post processor?

    It may not be the problem, but check your pierce delay. If it's too short the machine is moving before the pierce is complete which will result in the same issue you are having.
    Using a longer...
  23. Re: Engraving help? Which tool for this depth?

    Not sure what you are asking. You say the letters are .5" high... do you mean .5" deep, or are the letter raised (or proud) of the material surface?

    If you mean letter depth, then the only option...
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    Re: CNC plasma table build

    Simply wire a micro switch one wire to your probe input and other to ground. Any available input on your BoB will work as long as you set Mach ports and pins correctly for it.
    I hook mine to the...
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    Re: Resolution problem

    If it's not binding and you're not loosing steps then it could be a couple of things.
    - One of the drivers for the X or Y has the incorrect dip switch settings (microsteps) or simply differs from...
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