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  1. the customization of the sheet layout report

    CutLeader provided the tool to desing the layout report template, the layout picture, sheet info and part list info could be shown in the report.

    This is the interface of the report template...
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    Re: Postprocessor for Shibuya laser machine

    For the same customer, we developed the postprocessor of Panasonic and Mazak laser machine as well. Next step, we plan to combine the three machines into one postprocessor, then user could have three...
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    Postprocessor for Shibuya laser machine

    Shibuya is a laser machine builder located in Japan, they focus on the untra precision laser cutting. We make a postprocessor for their machine this month asked by a saw producer.

    Corner loops are...
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    The support of general waterjet machine

    We got requirement for the support of waterjet machine with weihong control or other like APW. The G code for the waterjet machine is simple usually, because the cutting speed/ waterjet on/off and...
  5. Re: postprocessor for laser machine with cypcut control

    We made a software to convert multiple dxf layout files to LXD file, then user could run the cutting in more efficiently, with less machine stop time.


  6. filter dxf geometry with specific layer/color

    We got requirement to filter dxf layer/color geometry this week. In CutLeader, there is no the option to filter layer/color at present, but we could do it in another way.

    1. In expert...
  7. spine/polines with large number of control points optimization

    For Ads/Sign workshop, DXF with splines and/or polylines are used usually, a large number of control points would be generated for cutting software and it's not kind to cnc cutting machine, so the...
  8. Komatsu Twister is supported by CutLeader

    Komatsu plasma machine seems not sold a lot in the market, the one we supported this time is named Komatsu Twister 3062, the control is FANUC 0i-MC, it is with 256 kb memory only. Because of the...
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    Re: Postprocessor for ESSI machines

    Send us the files in camlib folder please, we would enable the ESSI machine for you. \CutLeader\Data\Camlib\
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    Re: Postprocessor for ESSI machines

    There is ESSI postprocessor available for CL5.7.16. Send us email please, we could send you the configuration..
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    common cutting sequence reverse

    We did a specific development of common cutting sequence for Router/Laser cutting.

    Generally, the software would cut off the parts one by one, see below picture, the common line would be...
  12. LVD Phoenix Laser machine with Sinumeric 840SL control

    Last week, we got a requirement to support the LVD Phoenix laser machine, the control is Sinumeric 840SL. Thanks for the subroutine(subprogram) technology developed for AMADA/Trumpf/Bystronic, the...
  13. postprocessor for laser machine with cypcut control

    Cypcut is widely used as laser control/software similar than the start control for plasma machine.

    The software works with the control (online cam software) is convenient for small size order....
  14. How to customize the sheet report in CutLeader

    In CutLeader Ultimate version, user has the ability to customize the sheet report.

    Select the Configuration-->Design Report Template command, We could see the interface of the sheet layout design....
  15. spiral hole/contour milling with flat end bottom

    many of the users use CutLeader for router machine, so a lean entry is prefered to avoid the hurting of tool, and getting a good quality of edge.

    The postprofessor of router machine is...
  16. How to share work files to multiple users

    One more users of CutLeader asked us about the possibility to use the same work folder for multiple software installation. So they can share one one data folder and cooperate the programming.

  17. Entry/Exit cutting collision auto avoidance

    For a part with small holes, or the part space is small than the extry length, there is the possibility of cutting interference, because the default extry/exit (lead in/out) type is set for normal...
  18. Re: G Code of enormous radius convert to lines

    Control NCStudio is used on the machine. But START control for plasma cutting machine should has this issue also if I am not wrong.
  19. Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks

    The problem is that the post is different for different cam software. The post I have for CutLeader doesn't works for fusion 360.

    Do you have editable Fusion 360 postprocessor? It's better to have...
  20. G Code of enormous radius convert to lines

    Today, a customer reported a issue of router machining, some contoues are not machined but the NC code simulation is good.

    Here is the pict that some part are not machined well.

  21. Re: Fusion 360 Post for NC studio needed thanks


    The NCStudio is compatible with standard G code, here is an example generated by cutleader which works with NCStudio well. Hope you could find a post which generates similar code.

  22. Thread: g41 g42

    by cutleader

    Re: g41 g42

    I'd thought it's a postprocessor issue. The G41/G42 offset is a basic feature of control.

    The G41/G42 isn't needed in NC code if the software could calcualte the compensation, then the issue could...
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    Re: Rs232 problems 88hs

    Did you look into the setting of the RS232 communication, the odd/even, the bit number and the rate?
  24. Help. What is the software name of this postprocessor?

    we was asked to make a same postprocessor than the one customer provide , but don't know what is the software name of the postprocessor. I think the genius here may help us on it.

    [MAIN PART OF...
  25. sub-program call is supported by postprocessor

    As we many know, Mazak, Trumpf, AMADA and Bystronic cutting machines use sub-program in their programming still. The nc program file with sub-program calls is with far small size and it is very...
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