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  1. High precision small footprint 500W fiber metal cutter

    500Watt Fiber Optics Metal Cutting Machine
    600mmx580mm (2ft x 1.9ft) Cabinet Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine


    Carbon Steel (mm, Min/min, gas)
    1.0 6 O2
    1.5 3 O2
    2.0 2 O2
    3.0 1.5 O2
  2. High quality long life 100W 130W 150W GSI CO2 laser tube LightObject

    Hi folks:

    We're carrying long last G.S.I CO2 laser tube with power range from 100W, 130W, to 150W. We also have 260W (300W max) double tube available for high speed acrylic or playwood cutting....
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    Re: Where to get a laser height focuser?

    I know this post was a little outdated. But see what we have done so far. See our new RTAF (Real time auto focus)

  4. Re: 100W Reci Tube Installed in Redsail X700

    @rinconchuck , are you sure it is RECI 100W tube? The Reci 100W should have length about 1.4M (55.5") as opposite to 1.2M (47.5") which is a 80W tube. But a lot of seller or manufacturer nowaday...
  5. Re: 100W Reci Tube Installed in Redsail X700

    Post the image of your controller and I may be able to tell
    Or email me: Contactus@Lightobject.com

  6. What controller card came with your laser...

    What controller card came with your laser machine?

  7. Re: 100W Reci Tube Installed in Redsail X700

    Not quite right. If your controller is locked at 75%, it means that the max power is locked to the ceiling, 75%. If you set 'layer' power to 95%, the power will be limited to 75%. By the way, make...
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    Thank you Cgeber we, that was exactly I wanted to...

    Thank you Cgeber we, that was exactly I wanted to say. We have no problem to support our products anytime. We listed many fundamental questions and answer in our support forum and we always referred...
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    Re: switching from leetro to awc708c

    Non existent support? Not even consider 13 times replying through emails as support? It is not our job to to help a customer to find out the pin definition of their own controller board. We support...
  10. Laser services available to Southern Calironia on Septermer 22 2017

    HI folks

    I'm going to LA to serve a couple laser machines from 9-22 to 9-24. If you are in Southern Cal and need laser services (upgrade, repair, tune up), let me know and I'll come to assist you...
  11. Re: Anyone using an 80W machine for engraving anodized alumium?

    We used SPT 850mm 40W for our PR530 machine. The power supply is our own 40W PWM laser power supply that you can find it in our website LightObject
    Next thing I'm going to do is to do rotary...
  12. Re: Anyone using an 80W machine for engraving anodized alumium?

    Just did quick anodized(black) test on our PR530 laser machine.


    I didn't use high speed but 400mm/s. Power is 11% and scan gap is 0.05
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    Re: Mount a laser on a mill?

    Stove doesn't need FDA approval but a laser does! LoL
    Stove doesn't burn you if you don't touch it but laser burn you even you just look at it
    Stove burned is recoverable but retina burned is...
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    Re: Mount a laser on a mill?

    I think you didn't get the point of my post. What most important I tried to bring up was that using green laser and blue is dangerous without caution. To know where the blue or green came from is...
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    Re: Mount a laser on a mill?

    No big deal to make an apology when made a mistake. And it is a good altitude and no shame to admit a mistake. We are all human and we made mistake. :stickpoke
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    Re: Mount a laser on a mill?

    It may not be 'true blue' but closed to UV. But the green laser is coming out from 808nm though thats what the manufacturer in China told me about it.
    I did find an article here:...
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    Re: Mount a laser on a mill?

    If I were you guys, I will not tangle around with this kind of laser! It is very dangerous due to the unique wavelength spectrum that a beam reflection may burn your retina without proper google...
  18. LightObject new ocean shipment of Laser Aug 2017

    Hi folks:

    Marco from LightObject! Just want to let you guys know that a new shipment just arrived our warehouse in Sacramento, California

    Laser tube:
    10x RECI 130W laser tube
  19. Re: Small shop looking for their first laser engraver...maybe cutter.

    If you want to engrave fine text through a CO2 laser, you may want to use a 38.1mm focus lens instead of the most popular (default) lens that come with a laser machine from China which is 50.8mm....
  20. Re: Beam seems to change at various power.

    It is normal for Reci 100W or 130W. For those tube, it need 8~10mA to get fully activated mode (stable). If you drive the tube with less than 8mA, the beam is not stable and not solid. Plus, the beam...
  21. Re: Laser loses power after a minute or two, will not mark wood

    Hello WolverineX:

    Thank you for selecting us as your laser supplier. I'm glad that things went well and the tube arrived saftely. BTW, please do NOT use soldering iron trying to wire the HV to the...
  22. Re: HELP: K40 chinese laser won't cut in wood

    You may want to give a try on our DSP upgrade package. For sure the K40 can do nice cutting on 3mm plywood. No doubt about it. I was doing upgrade for one of my customer two years ago and I was able...
  23. Laser tube, chiller, XY stage, motorized power Z table 10% off from LightObject


    Shipment has passed US Custom check and released by FDA. Pending for unload from the ship at the Oakland. Most likely that the shipment arrive our warehouse on coming Monday!

    I'm going...
  24. No, it is not the hardware is totally different...

    No, it is not the hardware is totally different even though it looks similiar. See attached images. I used to carry both card (I name it 2011 DSP and 2012 AWC608) but there is hardware issue on the...
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