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  1. Multi-head or multiple extruder simotanious "follow me" copy print "mirror mode"

    Hi. I am a CNC router guy normally but a project has me getting into 3d printing (again)

    I want to make a small printer farm for making 5000 gears.

    I am looking at the Anet A8 / Prusa i3 type...
  2. Thanks for recommendation. I thought it looked...

    Thanks for recommendation. I thought it looked like a good software but nice to hear from someone who knows.
  3. Hi I am also looking for a cheap printer that I...

    Hi I am also looking for a cheap printer that I can buy 5 or 10 for $1000. Something like the Anet A8 or the Crealty Ender 3. Does anyone have a suggestion about a good platform? Does anyone put...
  4. Using FDM for making gears. Looking for best practice for using G54-59

    Hi I am looking at making 2500-5000 gears with a series of 4 bigger format 3d printers to avoid the cost of injection molds.

    I want to do 20 gears at a time. I have a superstition that the gears...
  5. Is there a Mach3 configuration file to save as back up.


    I just purchased a 5x10' Chinese CNC router with Mach 3 on an old PC as a controller. Is there a way to save all the current configuration settings in a single file in case the computer...
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