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    Re: FTP needed for 840 D SL series

    I can probably help.

    Please provide details - what does the customer want to achieve exactly ?
    Swapping files ?

    Does the siemens controller have a browser for internet or a file-service...
  2. Re: Holding brake needed on a 4/5th axis when using a harmonic drive?

    Some real-world info.
    You problem has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with torsional rigidity on 5 axis effects.

    Simple milling or drilling, at the edges of a 2-axis trunnion...
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    Re: Faster to and fro Linear Motion design

    Nothing commercial will work as-is, if they have any contact surfaces.

    So ball bearings, linear slides, etc. are all out as they wear out very fast at speeds below yours.

  4. Re: Differences between HTD, GT, AT and T pulleys?

    Even with HTD-8 profiles, about 3x and HTD-5, and 30 mm wide belts,
    the results are not good for 4th axis apps.

    Positioning, yes.
    Angular holding, no.
    With 10.000 count ac industrial...
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    Re: CNC/manual benchtop lathe

    For a metalworking lathe---
    I think the spindle shaft is far too slim.
    Use 40 MM tgp or drill rod.

    Steppers will give so-so accuracy direct driven.
    They are springs, with 1 step boundaries....
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    Re: Tips for straighter bores

    Lots of excellent posts and comments on hole size, reamers, production, straightness, cylindricity.

    Basically only holes bored on lathes or bored via boring heads or boring tools on mills are...
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    Re: Steel Gantry Router

    For stuartxx - OP ..
    In this case I agree very much with Peter-nn.
    A bought older machine is much better - as it can produce some profits within a short amount of time.

    And not.
    Stiffer is not...
  8. Re: Any Good Options for Retrofitting an Old Mori Seiki SL3?

    The chinese fanuc copy gsk,
    emc2 linux sw controller,
    or machx,
    will all work.
    Or centroid accorn.

    Depending, you will need some hw to link the original servos to the new controller hw and...
  9. Re: Hobbyist in south bay area / San Jose, seeking rental time on mills

    Go with your original post to the actual machine shops in the area.
    Offer 200$, to learn to set up their basic jobs off-shift.
    Making flats, cubes, dimensioned stock.

    1 of 4 might take you...
  10. Re: $30,000 budget -- help me build my new machine!

    The goal is perfectly doable.

    There are no actual hurdles to getting such a machine, technically.
    Contact in pm if you want.
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    Re: Slightly sizing down a carbide drill

    I suspect what you want is a carbide reamer.

    Since you seem happy with interpolated holes, I also suspect you don´t achieve 0.01 mm +/- in size cylindricity and straightness.
    Do you have go / no...
  12. Re: Mach3 Function wizards Lathe threading REV 1.17 Problem . Help me please.

    I don´t think the issue has anything to do with slowing down as rcaffin suggested.

    The thread looks fine, consistent, and thus the pitch is wrong.

    Does g1 move x and z accurately.
    Move 30...
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    Re: Query with Ball Screws and Lead Screws

    OP - Max...
    define it better.
    If 8 stepper motors costs are a critical path, you will struggle to get anything remotely useful for less.

    Precision and high resolution is the basis for steppers...
  14. Re: Student organization looking to build CNC milling machine for school donation

    Please point to a twin gantry machine picture so we know what you mean ... ??

    The most rigid machine possible is a twin-column milling machine using a moving table, usually y moves.

    The two...
  15. Re: Spindle Regrinding Service for Benchtop Machines

    It´s perfectly possible to self ghetto-grind the spindle taper using any of various methods.
    Multiple anecdotes and examples from real professionals on the web attest to this.

    Any grinding...
  16. Re: A bunch of random questions about new CNC mill build

    I will Try to help as much as possible.

    Screw thrust or yield is actually right.
    Every decent 5x machine has similar 2-30 kn thrust rigidity on the linears.

    But the rotationals must have 100...
  17. Thread: Concrete VMC

    by hanermo

    Re: Concrete VMC

    Agree completely.
    Epoxy is more than hard enough - industrial epoxy.
  18. Re: Why most (non-router) milling machines don't use self-contained spindle?

    Lots o confusion.

    Self-contained direct drive spindles, are things like the integral drives made by Mori Seiki at 25.000$ a pop.
    The are balanced not just statically, but dynamically, and very...
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    Re: Tips for straighter bores

    This time I disagree with most posts.

    We did not get original posters d/l tolerances .. which are what it is all about.
    And size, depth, speed, qty goals.

    A reamer will deliver a hole about...
  20. Re: Need to generate a trigger signal after each move- Anilam 1100

    Can you trigger any io via sw ?

    If not, might it be feasible to trigger action via a programmable relay, driven by the pc ?
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    Re: THK Linear Guides - Rigidity For Lathe

    My saddle plate is 200 mm (or 180 mm) wide, 520 mm deep iirc.
    F1 acero-calibrado tool steel, 20 mm thick.

    12x lathe, spindle originally 1.5 kW industrial 220V EU, now 2.5 kW ac brushless servo.
  22. Re: Need help brainstorming a solution for this mill turn spindle

    Quinn .. lemme add my observations ..
    as I have actually done this, and am using this, on my Mach3 lathe.

    30 mm wide, HTD8 belt.
    Extremely stiff mount, 20 mm thick tool steel plates, 30x30 mm...
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    Re: What Part To Start ?

    You are extremely talented and at the top-end of industrial designers if you are participating in the design of carbon-fiber yacht hulls.
    These tend to be pre-preg today for manufacturing and...
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    Re: How much rigidity do I need

    I used Nm incorrectly, when I meant N as in force.
    10 N == 1 kgf, or 1 kg of push or pull.
    The f indicates force.

    My examples are meant to illustrate, qualify, add credence, and act as facts...
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    Re: How much rigidity do I need

    If you push the spindle nose with 25 Nm, it should deflect 1um, for 25 Nm/um rigidity.
    25 N force is 2.5 kgf, or 2.5 kg of push force.

    Force at the tool end no, at the spindle.
    The toolholder...
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