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  1. Mitutoyo F604 problem with spare parts

    Hi all.

    My F604 measuring machine has a broken sensor for one of the axis. Mitutoyo says the machine is too old to get spare parts, and they wont help me in any way to sort the issue.

  2. STAR KNC-32 II, Fanuc 16-TB no power to control

    Hi all.

    I have gotten myself a STAR KNC-32 II with Fanuc 16-TB.

    When I first powered it up there were a few unimportant alarms, which I have all sorted out, no worries. But one morning I come...
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    Fanuc 3T lost programs

    Hey all.

    When I powered up my Tsugami NT12 with Fanuc 3T control this morning things were not normal.

    I have about 20 programs stored in the memory, and only 1 program was left as it should...
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    What is the procedure for initializing fanuc 3t,...

    What is the procedure for initializing fanuc 3t, please?
  5. Re: Freqrol FR-Z200-UL (Meldes M320LC-V - Cincom E25JII)

    Did I ask this question in the wrong section, or can no one help?
  6. Freqrol FR-Z200-UL (Meldes M320LC-V - Cincom E25JII)

    Hi all.
    I have Cincom E25JII, with Meldas M320LC-V controller. It has 2 tool turrets and both have live tools.
    My problem is when I want to put rotation on the live tools I get the following...
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    Re: S1 Servo alarm: PR 42 S3


    I managed to solve the problem. The axis on which the gears and encoder were mounted was a little bit off, so the encoder got bad readings. Before I took everything apart it must have been...
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    S1 Servo alarm: PR 42 S3

    Hi all.

    I have Cincom L25, with M520L controller.
    My live tools were making an unpleasant noice, so I thought they need cleaning and greasing. I take the live tools out and grease the gears.
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    Re: Mitsubishu Meldas 520 L info needed

    Sorry for bumping an old old thread.

    But did anyone ever actually get a hold of this manual? I really need it too, and haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  10. Mazak QT18NSP, TRS-BAR process, please help

    Hi all.

    I'm running a Mazatrol T32-2 on a Mazak QT18NSP.

    I've been using the TRS-BAR process for a while now in a program, but hava had both spindle at 0 rpm while doing so. On this new item...
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    Re: M-300A1, Fanuc 10MA, APC programming

    Via the NC/PC key I can enter a sub menu in which I can input that program 1 should run on pallet A and program 2 on pallet B, or program 67 on A and 53 on B, so forth. Then I have a main program (a...
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    Re: M-300A1, Fanuc 10MA, APC programming

    Thank you for the reply. I ended up figuring out how to do it, and yes you are correct I more or less have to keep track of which pallets use which coordinate system. Although the machine does keep...
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    M-300A1, Fanuc 10MA, APC programming

    Hi all. I just got myself a Mori Seiki M-300, A1 with Fanuc 10M-A controller. It has APC type 1. I have never worked with a 2 pallet machine before.

    As there are no programs in it's memory and I...
  14. Tsugami NT12, Fanuc 3T Spindle index problems.

    I have a Tsugami NT 12 with a Fanuc 3T control.

    The machine goes into Spindle Indexing alarm (machine alarm, no alarm code shows up on the Fanuc screen), 8 of 10 times when I use the M-codes for...
  15. Batteries in Cincom L25, with Meldas 500?


    I have recently aquired a Cincom L25 with a Meldas 500 control from 1996.

    Now my question is, does this machine need to have the batteries changed? It has a battery unit called MDS-A-BT-6....
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    Transporting a Cincom L25

    I have bought a Citizen Cincom L25 at an auction. I need to transport the machine home, but there are no manuals with the machine.

    Does anyone have a copy of the manual containing transporting...
  17. Re: Using diameter instead of radius? + Multiple instances of the program?

  18. Simulation looks different from reality.

    Hi guys.

    I've just updated from 2011R2 to 2015R1. I'm using the same toolstore and post-processor as I was in 2011. My problem is that when I make a sequence, and in this case put in a profiling...
  19. Re: Using diameter instead of radius? + Multiple instances of the program?

    I found out it can actually run two instances, although the second one to be opened does not work with autorecovery in case of crash, but atleast I can have a document open on the other monitor for...
  20. Re: Applying tungsten carbide/diamond grit/grains

    I am sorry to tell you that we never really came to any conclusions about this, and due to lack of time the project was cancelled/postponed.

    If you find a solution I would also be interested in...
  21. Re: Using diameter instead of radius? + Multiple instances of the program?

    It does spread over 2 monitors, but that leaves you with all menues on one screen. Also it's a problem since my monitors are not alike and the software fits itself to the monitor with the lowest...
  22. Re: Using diameter instead of radius? + Multiple instances of the program?

    Thank Mike. I will try that.

    I am using version 2015. Is it a setting to allow multiple instances?
  23. Using diameter instead of radius? + Multiple instances of the program?

    Hi all.

    I have 2 questions.

    Is it possible to configure SolidWorks so that I can input diameter instead of radius when making a circle in the Sketch environment when making a part? How do I do...
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    Which CAD to choose?

    Hi all.

    I'm looking at CAD software, and there are so many on the market. So I'm hoping to get some input and advice in here. Some of you have probably worked in several different ones and have a...
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    Re: FIFO buffer control

    Since I have now solved my problem I will just give a quick update, in case anyone else encounters the same issues.

    The missing setting in Device Manager does not have anything to do with the...
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