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  1. Re: importing chinese Laser Engraver question

    Lightobject has some 130w and 150w lasers in house for around 14 to 16k. They are in Sacramento, Calif. and will train you to use them.
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    Re: How to chose chinese laser cutter/engraver?

    Understanding how a laser tube works is very important. Just because you have say a 60 watt laser doesn't mean you want to run it at 100% rather it's best to run it at lower amps (ma that is) because...
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    Re: Laser Cutter for 3mm Ply and Balsa

    A 40 watt laser should cut 3mm ply without problems. I cut 6 mm with no problems at about 25% power 3 passes. I've noticed that different plywood cuts differently it may be the glue used... If you...
  4. Re: Looking to buy a machine to produce our product Bru-Bag, Desperately need help!!

    Try this.
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    Re: Heidenhain TNC155 Control Do not Turn on

    Back it off the limit switch, then check the switch to make sure it is functioning properly. They have a history of sticking as they get older. You could also have a electrical connection broken or...
  6. Re: Explain to me G- code please. I have an example from solidworks.

    In 30 seconds I found this information for you. Take your program and write what each symbol means beside each line.

    CNC G-Code and M-Code Reference for Milling

    Like this:

    "G0 X-58. Y25....
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    Poll: Re: How old are you?

    So old... I already voted on this poll and forgot...
  8. Re: Anyone using Visual CAM-MILL for SolidWorks in a real machine shop vs hobby

    Try asking this on the Practical Machinist site. I think you will get more feed back on SW combo'd with VM. We used it with Alibre for more than 5 years now, it is the full 4 axis pro version and we...
  9. Re: 97' VMC 15 RT Way Oil Reservoir Location?

    These model Fadals have linear ways and they have grease zerk type fitting banks on the Z axis, saddle Y axis, and table X axis for lubrication, not oil. Here is a link for the manuals. You should be...
  10. Thread: CMM machine

    by scadvice

    Re: CMM machine


    I am assuming your talking about a new CMM.
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    Re: Alibre design Expert

    I 'understand' there is a way to install dual OS in windows (7 and 8.1) but that's about the limit of my knowledge. You might look into that.
  12. Re: RFQ - CNC Programming needed in North Central Illinois - Sq Tubing Holes and Pock

    Unfortunately, I'm too far away based on your 'local requirement' or I could help.

    Without seeing you print requirements and knowing the model of the Haas, it is difficult to know the scope of...
  13. Re: Fadal 2216 Dumping a LOT of way lube into the chip pan

    Thanks for responding back! Sometime we don't know if we helped or not. This way it may help others. Kido to you!
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    Re: Fadal VMC 15 measurements needed please

    FWIW - Most people forget to remove (and replace) the leveling screws. Doing so will give you a little more room.

    A trick also is to have 4 sheets 1/8 x 8 x 24 of UHMW plastic ( 25 bucks at Tap...
  15. Re: Tooling I bought for a hobby shop from Shars what I think about it.

    Hasn't anyone else bought tooling from them and have comments? When buying from this company (and other well known) I would think you would be interested in having an idea of what you are getting....
  16. Tooling I bought for a hobby shop from Shars what I think about it.

    As the title says, I'm rating tooling I've bought from Shars. Some are good, and a few had problems. I'm mostly trying to pass on information to other hobbyist, but those who have businesses could...
  17. Re: Fadal 2216 Dumping a LOT of way lube into the chip pan

    The metering valve may have been replaced with the wrong one or has been removed. Also, check all ways on the other axis to make sure they are lubing correctly. Further, using the wrong way lub...
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    Re: Fadal EMC Spindle Speed Erratic

    jm thanks for the follow-up. It may help someone else in the future.
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    Re: Received Machine - Missing some parts?

    E Bay may have some pic's here is one... a 1995:

    1995 Fadal VMC 15 CNC Mill 20"x16" Travels 10 000RPM Spindle Cat 40 | eBay

    Trace the wires out and see where they go. What is the machine year?...
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    Re: FADAL Drip Feed CIMCO

    FWIW - In the old days we had problems drip feeding to the FADAL cnc 88 (1989) turned out to be the com cable was to long and that 15FT was about max. length. At this point all the problems went...
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    Re: help finding milling machine

    We can suggest but will need to know your budget range...
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    Re: Any FADAL users

    Fadal G code is very similar to Fanuc. What CAM you use is mostly up to you. They all fairly good in the class of CAM you are looking at. Myself I use EZCam and Visual Mill both are good low/mid...
  23. Re: Loking for 6-10mm endmill that needs to cut ~61mm deep

    IMO Your approaching this wrong. I would make it in pieces... the four side walls and the one bottom piece with some sort of corner interlock then have it laser welded. We done protos dozens of times...
  24. Thread: Mac software

    by scadvice

    Re: Mac software

    EZ-CAM was Mac based in the late 60's...I still have an old mac with it running using the Classic OS... nowadays, I have no clue.
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    Re: How to access the Geneva drive?

    I have seen the roller bearings dry out or rust up on the umbrella shaft and cause that. Try using an oil can to drop way oil into the roller bearings and on the shaft. If it improves then that...
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