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  1. Re: 2001 6x12' Multicam Motion Control Retrofit?

    Copy that Jim, Glad to hear it! I've seen that most of these aftermarket motion controller packages use TTL level logic at 0-5v. Both the spindle and servo drives list that they use 24VDC control...
  2. 2001 6x12' Multicam Motion Control Retrofit?

    Hi Folks! I’m a first-time CNC owner and through a bit of a long story I have found myself in possession of a gorgeous 6x12’ MG Series Multicam router for $1k (+$1k to rent a truck and move it 600...
  3. Replies

    Spindle Teardown

    Hi Folks!

    I'm mid-way through a bearing replacement on a Colombo spindle and am a bit stumped (yes, I'm aware this is something that's typically done by a shop) . The teardown until this point has...
  4. Multi-Jet CNC Color Printer for 3D Surfaces?

    Hi folks!

    I'm looking for information on a tool that may or may not exist and could use your help.

    I've seen two videos on the internet of a machine that can print in full color on 3d...
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