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    Re: frame design

    Design today is the source of many people using their talents for this. Interior design became rather important nowadays. As soon as the choice is made and the variant is ready, I start to make...
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    Re: Advice for start up!

    My first question is what do you start from? I have so many thoughts, but the niche for the company must be really new and useful for the people. And the next one is where you get finance for this....
  3. Re: Cleaning House:Haimer,Mitutoyo,Mahr,Techniks,Criterion,Meas uring,Holders,Endmill

    Indeed, these guys are great to work with. Unfortunately, a lot of people have no idea where to find such a quality level of services. But I am happy to work with them and to recommend all my...
  4. Tanzania way of energy producing, why not?

    Speaking about the ways of energy for people and even industry, it is necessary to mention the one I saw while traveling to Africa, Tanzania. It is not a simple windmill working on wind energy. They...
  5. Buddy, I am with you here.

    Buddy, I am with you here.
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    How often or even immediate do you need them?

    How often or even immediate do you need them?
  7. O primeiro aspecto que pode ser descrito enquanto...

    O primeiro aspecto que pode ser descrito enquanto o processo de encontrar um lugar para os melhores aspectos da criação do trabalho aqui é sobre o próprio plasma. Para que você precisa usá-lo?
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