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  1. Re: Chinese Cnc router won't initialise and all 3 stepper motors just stopped working

    Has your problem been solved? I once saw an article about engraving machine faults and solutions on a website. If you are interested, you can go and read it. I hope it will help you:...
  2. Re: Newbie looking for opinion on locally manufactured CNC router machine

    Hello KiwiCNCNZ,
    I suggest you consider foreign machines. This is the advantage of some foreign engraving machines.
    With the globalization of technology and the economy, the Internet age has caused...
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    Re: Light weight CNC?

    Hello, have you considered buying a mini engraving machine, it will save you a lot of time, if you are interested, you can go to this website: https://forsuncnc.com/mini-cnc-router/
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    Re: What affordable CNC can I buy?

    Hello, have you bought a suitable machine now? In my opinion, a plasma cutting machine is a good choice: https://forsuncnc.com/cnc-plasma-cutter/
  5. Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router with Rotary Axis

    Forsun ATC CNC Router is a true CNC Router machine grade tool with everything you could want in a CNC router. This wood router will bring fast speed and great performance.

    ATC CNC routers are the...
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    Re: how to choose new plasma torch?

    Have you considered Chinese machines? We are a professional manufacturer of plasma cutting machines. If you are interested, you can take a look at our products and hope it will help you:...
  7. Wood CNC Router Manufacturers And Suppliers

    Jinan FORSUN CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the professional Wood CNC Router manufacturers and suppliers in China, has been focusing on providing high-quality CNC Router Machines and solutions for...
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    Customized CNC Router

    If you have unique needs and are not sure whether there is a CNC machine tool that can meet your unique constraints and requirements, then you have come to the right place.

    FORSUN CNC(...
  9. Re: Wood work using a metal cutting machine?

    You may not know much about woodworking machines, they can not only do 2D engraving but also 2.5D/3D routing, cutting, carving, milling, grooving, and drilling on woodworking.

    If you want to know...
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    Re: foam cutting cnc- best cutting method?

    Processing plastic and foam requires a special CNC router machine. You need a robust CNC router machine structure with a powerful drive system and high-performance CNC cutting machine controller to...
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    Re: Wood working lathe

    Sorry, I can't answer your first question, but I will answer your other two questions below.

    What's a good lathe for a beginner to start out with?
    It all depends. It depends on your hobby. For...
  12. What Is The Best Solution For Cabinet Making?

    You need a CNC router made of a cabinet to complete the right work correctly and quickly!

    The industrial CNC wood router machine is the tool of choice for making cabinets. Whether you want to...
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