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    need electrical parts

    Anybody parting out an old mill? I'm looking for 4th axis electronics for a 1986 MV-Jr. Other years and similar models may work as well.
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    Yaznac Programming Manual?

    Does anybody have a programming manual for an MV Junior with an MX-3 Yaznac control? Mine was built in 1986, but I doubt that matters. Also, I would imagine that any of the MV series machines with...
  3. MV-Jr spindle oil chiller. Which hose is IN and which is OUT?

    I recently purchased a 1986 MV-Jr with the optional external oil chiller. The chiller was disconnected for shipping. There are two hoses, one "in" and one "out" going from the chiller to the top of...
  4. MV-Jr Yaznac 1986 with pallet changer just purchased.

    Just delivered on Saturday, during a snow storm (east coast). I've moved it into position, but no power yet. Came in four pieces: machine, pallet changer, chip trays, and oil cooler (I think). I'm...
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    return to zero - not always

    I have a Mori Seiki SL-3 with Yasnac LX1 controller. Most of the time it works well. But, sometimes I get an error when it tries to return to zero. The problem is always in the X direction. ...
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    Re: SL3 Yasnac LX1 Canned cycle help

    I live in Maryland, but grew up in West Virginia. And, yes, I'm sure I'll have more questions. Thanks for offering to help. I've looked at the G76 command, but chose to use G92 instead. G92...
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    Re: SL3 Yasnac LX1 Canned cycle help

    Thanks, Heinz! Your YouTube video is spot on.
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    SL3 Yasnac LX1 Canned cycle help

    I'm just getting started with my new old machine, a Mori SL-3 with Yasnac LX1. I'd like to use the canned cycle for stock removal G71 for turning and G72 for facing. Seems like a great way to save...
  9. Re: Mori Seiki sl15 with yasnac lx3 tool offset

    I'm not sure I understand the problem. If you call T0816 you're going to get tool 8 with whatever offset value is stored in offset 16. You can use whatever offset you call in the last 2 digits.
  10. Re: SL-3 with Yasnac LX-1 navagation/programming help

    Thanks, Pat! Since posting those early questions, I have figured out how to get around most of the screens. Your instructions are complete and accurate. And, you are correct, the users manual...
  11. SL-3 with Yasnac LX-1 navagation/programming help

    I just go my new 1983 SL-3 up and running. It has the Yasnac LX-1 controller. I'd like to see the programs that are stored in the machine so I can learn from them. From the Alarm page I can see...
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    Turbo Chip conveyor on ebay

    I recently purchased a Mori Seiki SL-3 lathe that came with a chip conveyor. I have no use for the chip conveyor, so I'm selling it. Take a look!

    Turbo Chip Conveyor Model 6298 8060 8058 | eBay
  13. Re: Parting out a Mori Seiki SL4 Lathe w/ Yasnac 2000

    I just bought an SL3 and I think I'm missing a couple of leveling legs. I believe the machine takes 6 and I have only 4. I'd guess the SL4 has the same size. If so, I could use a couple. Thanks
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