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  1. Re: Determining the velocity of an axis near real-time

    Since, all you need is a the velocity for the A axis, you don't need an encoder, you just need the pulse rate of the step signal driving that axis. Since you know the step size, the pulse rate will...
  2. Re: Building my first CNC - final questions

    It's probably a good idea to do some of the math that will define the limit of motion of the machine before you shell out the $ for parts.

    For instance, with a 1605 ballscrew, you are probably...
  3. Re: Building my first CNC - final questions

    1000x1000? How much will the gantry weigh? What speed do you want to move at? These questions are more important at the beginning than what software/controller/stepper voltage will be used.

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    Re: Need some advice on Vise Clamps

    That looks fabulous to me. If you only machine aluminum you may never need a steel set. Just make sure to keep them tight.

    What Haas do you have? What is the motor HP?
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    Re: Fusion 360 subscription changes

    AutoDesk is screwing me again.

    Changing the subscription is causing me pain. I bought Inventor 2015 5 years ago and it cost me an arm and a leg. I had used it when working and wanted to be able...
  6. Re: 2.2kw 24000rpm Huanyang Spindle won't exceed 12000rpm

    Measuring the voltage or resistance at the input terminal can't harm the input. The VI terminal is a high impedance input that normally accepts an input of 0-10 volts. Sure, connecting it to your...
  7. Re: 2.2kw 24000rpm Huanyang Spindle won't exceed 12000rpm

    So next, I would disconnect the Pokeys board 0-10V signal then while running the motor with local control through the potentiometer, measure the voltage and the resistance to ground of the VI...
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    Re: Size for ground wires

    What you want to do is try not to create a ground loop. If you connect all the grounds together from the three sources you have created 3 loops. Most likely the 3 ground wires from the power panel...
  9. Re: JET GHB-1340A CNC Conversion (CAD Model link)

    I was just looking at photos of your lathe. If you are having trouble getting the X screw inside the saddle, you could instead put it on the outside just to the right of the X slide. I would have...
  10. Re: JET GHB-1340A CNC Conversion (CAD Model link)

    You might think about using MGP's for your manual input instead of disconnecting the ballscrew. If you disconnect the screw, you will not have a digital readout for Z and X. This is what I did on...
  11. Re: 2.2kw 24000rpm Huanyang Spindle won't exceed 12000rpm

    did you get it fixed?
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    Re: Epoxy Granite Portal Machine

    Have you seen this thread yet?
  13. Re: 2.2kw 24000rpm Huanyang Spindle won't exceed 12000rpm

    So, when you are measuring the output voltage from the Pokeys, is the spindle on and running?
    If the Pokeys it not putting out enough voltage, there is a potentiometer on the board to adjust it up...
  14. Re: Faster to and fro Linear Motion design

    Think internal combustion engine piston.

    A connecting rod attached to a flywheel will provide the motion you need. Sealed bearings and lubrication of the sliding assembly, and it will last...
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    Re: Lathe Conversion, PM1228 to CNC

    It does a nice job. I do wish that it had a bit more power and range of spindle RPM, however. These Chinese BLDC motors are not the best and are severely over rated.

    I do have a new tool coming...
  16. Re: R8 Adapter for AXA toolpost. Has anyone tried this?

    The company in China that I was talking to about this has finally gotten them machined.
  17. Re: 'Best' controller/software for 2 axis lathe conversion

    I just finished my conversion on a 12x28. Here is the build thread. https://www.cnczone.com/forums/vertical-mill-lathe-project-log/381622-cnc-software.html

    I went with a Mach 4 running an...
  18. Re: 3D Probe - Tri-balls type accuracy & DIY

    Yep. I still want one. I am ready whenever you are.
    I am guessing that I will need to get my own probe styli. What is the tip thread? 4mm x 0.7mm?
  19. Re: 3D Probe - Tri-balls type accuracy & DIY

    Just getting back to this forum and I am so happy that you have completed the probe. Fabulous looking device. I am dying to see a video of it in action.
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    Re: Concrete VMC

    Will the enclosure get a fan?
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    Re: MX3660 with SainSmart Relay

    Shower is good. I'm sure your wife will appreciate it.

    The thing about some solid state relays is that they never turn off completely. They leak a bit, especially the cheap one's from China. ...
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    Re: Usability of Encoder on DC Motor,

    The encoder will have to be on the shaft of the spindle and will need to have an Index signal. The index is what tells the controller where to start the threads.

    An encoder with an index and an...
  23. Re: 3D Probe - Tri-balls type accuracy & DIY

    All good stuff. I am learning from your build. Thanks.
  24. Re: 3D Probe - Tri-balls type accuracy & DIY

    This looks odd. Why is the polar chart not perfectly symmetrical? I wouldn't expect it to be so uneven.
    I would expect that absolute least amount of force to be required when it is applied axially...
  25. Re: Need help with relay on usb card bsmce04-pp bob

    I know this thread is old but for heavens sake man who taught you how to wire?
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