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  1. Re: 3040Z Stepper Motors creeping with spindle motor spun.

    I had the same problem that I discovered when I ran the spindle speed up to mill some brass. I know this is an old thread but for what it's worth I shielded the spindle motor cable with no...
  2. Re: Noise problem causes Stepper motors to creep

    Thanks for your response. After I posted here I found a site that discussed noise issues with VF controls. Apparently they are well known for interfering with CNC controls. They advised shielding...
  3. Noise problem causes Stepper motors to creep

    I have run into a tricky problem. I have had a homemade CNC mill, made from a drill press, for several years. I use a PC with TurboCNC software driving a much modified Chinese Stepper controller...
  4. I am sorry I don't follow this site closely and...

    I am sorry I don't follow this site closely and didn't see your question. You probably have it figured out by now but you are on the right track. I also removed the 74HC14's and I jumpered from the...
  5. How I really fixed my Chinese Control Board

    I have used a Chinese TB6560 control board for about 3 years. I made all the fixes in one form or another and the board performed fairly well except when I was running very long programs for etching...
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    I found CNCSimulator along with the tutorial from Magnitude Engineering to be a good way to learn the basics of Gcode programming but this petrol file nonsence that CNCSImulator puts you through is...
  7. tb6560 Current Setting

    According to the TB6560 spec sheet the current at 100% is 0.5/Resitance. For 0.22 resistors this is .5/.22 = 2.27 amps.
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    Tool Files Missing

    I am new to this as well and I also get the Tool File missing message. I think it is because we have not set up a tool file yet. I am trying to figure out how to do that right now.

    As far as...
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