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    Re: Search for extra long bits

    I have serious doubts that a long bit with a tip diameter of 1/16" will survive more than a second or so unless you are cutting foam.I have used a pin chuck in a 1/2 inch collet in the past and a 1/8...
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    Re: My CNC Router Build Adventure

    I might be bringing up a point you are already aware of but if you send out dxf files it can be worth spending a few minutes to be sure that all the entities are joined on the outline of the parts.I...
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    Re: Perfect combo of rails and ball screw

    I'd spend a few days thinking about the reasons that dictate the location of each and every component.Asking why every aspect of their location is constrained and thinking about what might be...
  4. Re: Why I got this strange side finish with my router?

    I have a feeling that an hour or so of checking for backlash at various points within the work envelope would be a smart move.Look for signs of wear on the ballscrews and guide rails.All it takes is...
  5. Re: Why I got this strange side finish with my router?

  6. Re: Working On A New "Timber Frame" Design and Build.

    The engine turned finish is quite spectacular.
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    Re: CAM program for profile cutting

    You don't need the expense and capability of Aspire,Vcarve Pro would do the same job for less.Obviously you don't need telling that a round tool can't cut a square corner but are there any that might...
  8. Re: RRcnc aka reasonably rigid cnc (build log)

    I'd put the steppers on the long axis on the other end of the machine as it will make loading whole sheets less difficult.I think you ought to go a bit further with your preliminary design and...
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    Re: Can I perform such task with DIY CNC?

    There is much that you need to concern yourself with.first of all,how do you plan to hold the rubber in place?Clamping the outside of the part will place obstacles in the path of the cut. Then...
  10. Re: Considering two companies I cannot Find much about: Sign CNC vs Shandong Youhao

    Since you mention a budget,it is important to factor in everything it takes to get the machine into production.The vacuum system might not figure in the headline cost of the machine,similarly...
  11. Re: Considering two companies I cannot Find much about: Sign CNC vs Shandong Youhao

    Would you be able to bypass the horizontal drilling if you got hold of something like one of these? https://www.scosarg.com/minimax-advance-21-multiborer It might give an easier upgrade path.I took a...
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    Re: RhinoCam Ramping moves.

    Its a few years since I used RhinoCam and ramping was my preferred entry strategy.I can't remember any issues with ramping on anything but to be certain,you might fire off an enquiry to Mecsoft.If...
  13. Re: Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment

    If the situation only occurs on a G2 move,is there a parameter within the Creo options that might be altered?I raise the point because if a G3 move would run and a G2 causes problems then it might be...
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    Re: Best alternative to Fusion 360 ??

    I partly agree about the tendency of Linux enthusiasts to set obstacles in the way of the uninitiated,hence the comparative lack of uptake.I also slightly despair of the people who tried Linux in the...
  15. Re: Mach3 not moving as commanded by Vectric Aspire...

    The obvious place to check is the tool library of your Vectric installation.If you open the file you created to check all the parameters for the cut,one of the options will be for the tool-click on...
  16. Thread: 3D scanning

    by routalot

    Re: 3D scanning

    Do you mean that the scanners will produce point clouds from which a tool path may be generated?
  17. Re: Need offers of advice please. Next level time with my router.

    You have to be heading in the right direction with the proposed changes.One further thing to check is that the nose of the spindle has a clean socket for the collet to seat in.A tiny piece of dust or...
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    Re: Run Time Estimation

    I have used facilities in two other programs that were intended for estimating runtimes.Both were inaccurate,one took no account of the acceleration and deceleration times for each move and assumed...
  19. Re: Drilling Holes Through Copper with Extreme Accuracy

    Really precise drilling is hard to achieve with ordinary workshop tools.Would it be feasible to use a boring bar with all the segments assembled and remove the last smidgen in a couple of careful...
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    Re: "Pull out" when machining baltic birch

    Part of it is the nature of wood as most types will have slightly fuzzy edges when cutting across the grain.When you are dealing with material as thin as 1/4" you don't really have the option of...
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    Re: Which is X, and which is Y

    Entirely your decision and all you have to do now is create your CAD files to suit the arrangement.
  22. Re: Mach3 not moving as commanded by Vectric Aspire...

    Could be flexing of the machine,have you tried cutting two identical shapes-one climb cut and one conventional to see what differences emerge?It might also be illuminating to actually measure the...
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    Re: CNC cutting machine

    Sailmakers use lasers for their cutting.
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    Re: 4x8 (plus a bit) heavy duty router build

    It seems weird to have such a superbly braced and triangulated base and such a tall,skinny gantry with little support.As it has been described as a work in progress,the same amount of attention ought...
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    Re: drawing a rectangle in cut2desktop

    What tool diameter did you specify?I don't now the machine or the software but if the possibility is there for the computer or the controller to select the correct tool compensation,was the correct...
  26. Re: How long does it take to learn to feed G-code through a machine?

    Looking at it another way,you are most unlikely to ever need to program by typing Gcode into a controller.It is useful to know what a few commands mean and really you could print out a "cheat sheet"...
  27. Re: VCarve Pro freezes up in 3D view toolpath playback

    The OP hasn't been back here for several weeks so should we conclude that he found a way to make it work?
  28. Re: Still soft surface cast after half a year of standing idle

    If it hasn't cured by now,its a lost cause.However much time and effort,not to mention cash that you have put into it can be written off.Better luck next time.
  29. Re: New to Linux, built a computer, need help with Linux please, installation of Linu

    For playing any kind of media you will find it hard to beat VLC media player-which should be in just about all Linux software repositories.
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    Re: Spoilboard Basics

    I'm a bit puzzled by this,why does the cut take so long and yet accuracy isn't paramount?Tiny cutters for fine detail perhaps?I think you need to get the vacuum system working to better judge what...
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