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    Re: Makino fnc 106

    Looks identical to mine. I've noticed that you may have to click the switches just right. In '99' the LEDs scroll from 0 to 7 if everything is right. There are also LEDs in the back of one of those...
  2. Re: Threading on CNC Lathe no longer working

    I don't know if a slipping belt would also cause this problem.
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    Re: Makino fnc 106

    Looking through notes, perhaps Parameter 1 bit 0 is simultaneous control of 4th axis and has to be '0' as well.

    I'll try to find out if my magazine controller diagnostic manual also has a section...
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    Re: Makino fnc 106

    Use this information at your own risk as I got this from an FNC 128 and I don't know if this will work for you.

    Parameter 1, Bit 1 as '0' to disable 4th axis.

    Again, I don't know how different...
  5. Re: Dyna Myte 4400M with Meldas M3 Control. I think the battery is dead

    I'm helping someone out with a DM4500 I think.

    Seems to be the same control and very similar machine all together.

    He had the same issue with the battery, but thankfully he had backups and I...
  6. Thread: SVC-A board

    by PNaedele

    Re: SVC-A board

    I think I had this happen with several boards getting killed on a couple Cadet V4020 OSP 5200s.

    I had to send the damaged servo amps and motor to be repaired on request of the Hartwig tech. He...
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    Re: Cleaning Linear Glass Scales

    We had a scale that was flooded with compressor oil from an overflowing air filter bowl. Purged the lines with alcohol and clean air then used a quick drying electrical contact spray on the scale and...
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    Re: FANUC Series 18i-MB CF Card Problem

    I had to partition my card to 256 MB and set as the active partition before I was able to use it on the IPL screen.

    You may also need to name the volume 'FANUC LTD' as you format it as FAT 16.
  9. Fanuc 18iMB program display while running subprogram from memory card

    Hello all.

    The machine is a Doosan horizontal milling machine with an 18iMB control.

    I've noticed sometimes while a subprogram is running from a memory card, all lines but the current and next...
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    Re: Error 414 fanuc21t lathe

    If the amp is showing a '1' check the cooling fan in it.
  11. Re: Is there a fuse in the rs232 for the 21-iT controller? Lightning broke something.

    Make sure you have the correct settings for the second RS232 port. Same baud rate, etc. as what your PC is using.

    Just copy what you have in parameters 101, 102, 103 to 111, 112, 113 respectively.
  12. Re: Is there a fuse in the rs232 for the 21-iT controller? Lightning broke something.

    You can also change the device number from the first settings page in offset settings. Be in MDI mode.

    Device 1 for the second RS232 port.
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    Re: ATC arm Position on OKUMA MC V-4020

    PM sent
  14. Re: Nonvolatile memory of the ancient KAREL RH controller

    I had a CRT that glowed but no image/no static.

    Then I saw a little burned hole in the flyback transformer.

    Try unplugging the video signal to the CRT and see if you get snow. If you do then...
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    Re: Thermal problems

    Could be a thermal overload tripped inside the chiller unit it's self.

    Almost guaranteed to happen if you get a brownout where a phase or two isn't making it into the shop.
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    Re: dyna4 servos made in Canada?

    From what I've seen, if you open a plant in China and keep a close eye on it and don't let it slip, they are capable manufacturing everything to spec. I think given an option however, the foremen...
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    Re: Backing up Fanuc 210i SRAM

    Let me also define a few terms.

    The stand-alone CNC is technically what controls the entire machine. Should be in the main electrical enclosure and it controls all the input/output devices and...
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    Re: Backing up Fanuc 210i SRAM

    Try this.

    Right click on the Fanuc Open CNC icon in the system tray. Click open. Go to settings and boot option tab. Explanation on the right side of that window.

    Then the next time that...
  19. Re: Does anyone need service manuals for popular Doosan Machines?

    Hello, our shop has a Puma MX2500LST.

    The milling spindle shaft cracked in the taper and in preparation for replacing the spindle, I was wondering if there is anything special that needed to be...
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    Re: Fanuc 16MA pmc parameter transfer

    It's been a while since I tried doing this, but see if removing some of the header information will do the trick.


    &FWPMC :%
    N60000 P10000
    N60002 P12500
    N60004 P31250...
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    Re: LeBlond Makino FNC-128 PLC information

    For future reference. The negative bus on the backplane is the outer trace.

    Hooked up my new 5VDC power supply and she works.
  22. Re: Fanuc 6m-B where is the write parameter or protection key parameter?

    If you had a weird electrical event (lightning, power outage) since the last time it worked, it would be very possible that the line receiver chip on the card is toast.

    On one of my 6MB machines...
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    LeBlond Makino FNC-128 PLC information

    Shop I work for has an FNC-128 with Fanuc 6MB control and what Makino was calling an 'UM15A cpu' for handling PLC related stuff.

    Today the 5 volt power supply for the UM15A died and unfortunately...
  24. Re: Fanuc 6m-B where is the write parameter or protection key parameter?

    I haven't found anything concrete yet, but parameter 24 #4 (RDAL) #5 (DLME) have something to do with storing programs. Looks like if they are both '0' it shouldn't overwrite programs and you can...
  25. Re: Fanuc 6m-B where is the write parameter or protection key parameter?

    What does DGN 105 #7 say? My manual says that's the status of program protect.

    Also try to punch out the parameters, it will at least send something in order to test the serial settings.

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