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    Re: UCCNC and Linux

    be aware of the computing power uccnc needs. i had tried 2 older dual core computers but uccnc would occasionally not find the eth400 board on startup. cncdrive said that can happen, a dual core is...
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    Re: Question on Mach3

    there are many tutorials on youtube about the step for step setup with mach3. in my experience the best thing in the beginning is work through a tutorial. then your machine should work.
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    Re: Backlash comp in CV mode

    i use it in uccnc and it seams to work fine. no stopping in an arc as with mach3.
  4. Thread: mach 3 mill

    by neptunier

    Re: mach 3 mill

    switch in the directory tab to "show all files"

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    Re: which version with less bugs machturn?

    thanks for your comment. is the threading fine in version 037? i heard some versions have problems with threading.
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    which version with less bugs machturn?

    i am running a small cnc mill with machturn, the 066 latest version of mach3. mach goofs arround right now a lot, i am wondering whether an older version would do better. i read it somewhere...
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    Re: mycnc control software experiences?

    thanks chris for the feedback.
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    mycnc control software experiences?

    i am using mach3 right now because i need the tangential control. it works but has a few bucks.
    i saw mycnc can do tangential control but i find very little user reviews about this...
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    Re: thin cnc woodworking

    hi yoni,
    i develloped a 3d veneer that is about 1mm thick and might serve your needs for your product. if you are interested we can get in contact. just pm me.
    here are some fotos of my latest...
  10. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    hi jim,
    it lives, it moves!!!! yeah!
    the problem was a faulty cable from my power supply. i connected pin 3 and 5 to comm, left pin 4 the standby pin alone, is that okay? 0-10v is on pin 11 and 12....
  11. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    i tried a little more. if i disconnect the original cable from pin 3 and leave pin 4 not connected (pin4 stsw= standby switch) and connect pin 3 to comm, then only the speed enable and power led...
  12. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    thanks jim, it seems you were right that terminal 5 should be not connected. i bridged pin 3 and 4 to comm and the green led with torque control did not lid this time. however the motor also does...
  13. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    hi jim,
    today i tried to connect just as you told me.
    i first removed the two existing leads at pin 11 and 12, then connected a power supply to pin 11 and 12 (3-5v). i bridged pin 3,4 and 5 to...
  14. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    thanks jim, that is good news. i have 3 phase power available, i can use the old setup for test. did i understand you correctly that i bridge pin 3,4 and 5, put them to a switch (or relay in a later...
  15. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    jim and al,

    if i understood you right that would be great news. the bob can put out 0-10v depending on the rotation speed. would i use that signal from the bob or as an alternative this d/a...
  16. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    the owner said it would be working but it was sitting in his garage for a long time. so i would not bet my life on whether the motor is working or not. and i can not test it because the old control...
  17. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    so then it would be best to lengthen the spindle and put a pulley and a spindle index pulse on it. i have a 1,1kw 3 phase motor with 2800 u/min laying around and use that with a regular vfd?

  18. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    uhu is a servo controller, here in cnc zone is an entire section on it: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/uhu-servo-controllers/
    you can drive dc servos with step/dir signal with it.
  19. Re: retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    thanks. if it would be a dc servo motor, then could i use an uhu to drive it? i have some uhus laying arround. i would rather change the whole electronics to something new and not use the 30...
  20. retrofitting anton cnc lathe servo question

    hello all,
    i recently purchased an anton cnc lathe, a small but nicely build cnc lathe from the late eighties. i want to change the control to mach3.

    i got one question regarding the main...
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    Re: Accuracy testing suggestions

    there is a great youtube channel, at-man. he bought a used fadal and made an eight video series of how to calibrate a machine. he goes in depth into all problems, a great tutorial. it is long to...
  22. Re: Wanted - manual for ISEL PC CV-3 servocontroller/ ISEL GFV flatbed

    maybe here https://www.isel.com/en/support-downloads/manuals/elektronik.html you find something. i had an old upmv/4 servo card from 1998 and they still have all the manuals on their website.
  23. finished tailstock for millturn mill

    i just finished the tailsock for millturn, and it works :banana: it is made from steel, with a bearing in which the center tip is. there is a little chatter because the tool is sticking out...
  24. Re: question about tailstock for millturn mill

    i would really appreciate some help on this topic. i added more detail to the model, maybe it is now clearer. there would be no need to adjust the lenght of the tailstock, an the stock would be 150mm...
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    Re: are mt3 holders repeatable height holders?

    yeah, i did not quite get what you wanted to say, i did not think it would be a problem to cut the collet in front, that there would be enough surface to hold the tool holder inside the collet.
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