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    digitizing a vehicle graphic

    small truck diagram in motion printed and traced to do a vinyl cut then mount on a piece of pine

  2. using a live edge piece as a frame around an object

    trace out all the parts to create the dxf files and then cut the horse
    using the CO2 laser out of black walnut and machine out the live edge wood
    to fit the horse using the CNC router

  3. flying owl graphic for the vinyl cutter

    printed this image full sized and trace it out to create a *.dxf file for the vinyl
    cutter to cut out, then mount this vinyl cut out on a white substrate

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    digitizing a flying eagle diagram

    trace out a full sized diagram of an eagle in flight then create a *.dxf file
    load that fil e into a vinyl cutter and mount the cut on a white substrate

  5. trace out a cow_skull and feather to produce a *.dxf file for a cnc engrave

    traced out a full sized diagram and created a *.dxf file for the cnc machine
    applied a black paint to the engrave and a clear coat finish

  6. digitize an eagle head diagram for a vinyl cut

    printed the diagram full sized as it makes for easy tracing, then create a *.dxf file
    to use on the vinyl cutter and mount this vinyl cutout on mahogany plywood

  7. CO2 laser turtle project trace and cut

    using the small drawing board and doing a comparison using the on screen
    tracing software I will trace out a turtle looking like a tile effect


    small drawing...
  8. trace out and digitize a diagram for cutting out a privacy barrier part 2

    this video #2 will show installing the steel panels framed in cedar between 3 large cedar posts
    and a design change at the last moment

  9. tracing out a bear paw print and engrave by shaper origin

    trace out and digitize a bear paw print and create an *.svg file
    for shaper origin to engrave using spalded maple

  10. the making of a vintage oil gas sign in vinyl

    trace a paper copy of an old gas oil sign and create a *.dxf file
    and cut it out on a vinyl cutter

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    3d scan of a plaster of paris rooster

    to 3d scan a large object to prepare it for a 3d print (generate a gcode) and
    possibly generate a tool path for a cnc cut out

    https://youtu.be/yXLD_UgKm_c rooster 3d scan
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    3d scanning possible CNC machining

    I am trying to master 3d scanning as its very possible to use the *.stl file in aspire for a cnc machining
    I have used cut3d from way back to do plaques, so I loaded these files into cut3d to see...
  13. to digitize a diagram of a violin profile with a music note

    trace out the full sized diagram to create a*.dxf file to load into a CO2 laser
    and cut it out

  14. using 2021 Logic trace Image software to trace out a *.svg file for shaper origin (

    using logic trace image i will load a *.jpg file and on screen trace it using
    a computer mouse , when finished i will save it as a*.svg file and engrave it
    with shaper origin
    This is an amazing...
  15. going to trace out a profile looks like a shadow and cut it out on a CO2 laser

    going to print it full size and trace it using logic trace 2018 software for a CO2 laser cut

  16. using shaper origin and engraving a celtic mask

    to trace out a paper diagram on the drawing board VI (portable size 18x12inches)
    and create a *.svg file for engraving on shaper origin
    Used a piece of white pine for the plaque

  17. trace out a bell and arch using logic trace 2018 for a vinyl cut

    using logic trace 2018 and selecting lines and arcs to trace out a bell_arch graphic
    then cut it out on a vinyl cutter

  18. Re: part1 of 2 tracing out a full sized coastal rowing boat pdf file

    It was a great project , my boat building is getting bigger each time , this one was easy to handle though compared to this one
    which i finally needed help to move around especially to store it on...
  19. part1 of 2 tracing out a full sized coastal rowing boat pdf file

    Going to digitize all the rowing boat profiles using the jumbo 4 drawing boards and one single board
    then show assembling the profiles to construct a rowing boat mold
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    tracing a diagram for feather art

    going to show tracing out some feather art and then cutting the feather from a birch 1/8 inch skin on the CO2
    laser and the color parts out of black and red vinyl

  21. Thread: 3D scanning

    by woodman08

    3D scanning

    I have 2 3D scanners high end and an in with the supplier, bit of a learning curve but
    very good, still learning

    https://youtu.be/IDOILXND6xc owl 3d scan dec 2020
  22. creatbot ed large printer (have an in with the supplier)

    Creatbot D600Pro:
    build volume 00x600x600mm
    dual nozzles resolution .05 1.75 filamant dia

    various nozzles diam--.3---1.0
    filament compatibility pla,abs, carbon fiber, wood,nylon,pc,...
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    2020 logic trace apparel on screen

    Use Logic Trace Apparel on screen software to trace patterns for
    the Apparel, Fabric, and Pattern-Making industries. Patterns are saved as DXF, DXF-ASTM, DXF-AAMA, PDF,
    SVG, DWG, HPGL, or PLT...
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    2020 logic trace apparel program

    Use a digitizing tablet, pen stylus and Logic Trace Apparel software to trace patterns for
    the Apparel, Fabric, and Pattern-Making industries. Patterns are saved as DXF, DXF-ASTM, DXF-AAMA, PDF, ...
  25. 2021 Logic Trace on screen (new program released)

    I am going to show the new Logic Trace on screen program , trace an on screen
    *.jpg image and produce 2 files for engraving on the shaper origin portable CNC

    https://youtu.be/YmVb2k4REgI 2021...
  26. 2021 Logic Trace Easy Layout program just out

    I am going to show how the Logic Trace easy Layout program will nest parts
    for saving time and material
    And I will cut these parts on a CO2 laser

    https://youtu.be/LFQ2ScH7hNg nesting program...
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    sample tracing showing various methods

    I will show sample tracing of a provided diagram, and selecting various methods of digitizing and a node selection
  28. trace out and digitize a diagram for cutting out a privacy barrier

    going to trace out a large tree diagram for a plasma cut
    then mount these steel 4 panels on cedar frames help up with 6x6 posts

    https://youtu.be/wEuDDbRKCJg trace out and digitize a diagram...
  29. trace out 6 bird images and engrave a pine screen setup

    going to trace out 6 bird pictures printed from a
    stencil book and produce *.dxf files to cut or engrave
    with a CO2 laser (digitize image scans to create *.dxf files)
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    digitizing files for shaper orgin

    digitizing 3 simple diagrams on a small drawing board to create *.svg
    files for shaper origin to engrave

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