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    Re: Surface grinder CNC refit

    I have a DoAll of similar size sitting in my shop waiting for a CNC retrofit, also hydraulic, so I have a very good idea of what you want to do. I assume that grinder has a hand wheel for the X axis...
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    Re: Bending aluminum plate?

    I sent a private message to you.
  3. Re: Programmed to travel 2.0000", only reaches 1.9990" on X axis

    First off, any job that came in to my shop with a TP < 0.005 on anything would be an automatic No Bid, although my Eagle would probably do it, not sure if my Haas would. And I don't have a CMM to...
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    Re: Replacing an entire spindle

    Why not install a BT30 Bridgeport quill? I have one on my machine. I think the R-8 and BT 30 spindles are interchangable.
  5. Re: Need help tranfering a entity from one side of a object to other

    Try using the Project function

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    Re: Dial Indicator for 4-axis Rotary

    I think what you are looking for is a Dial Test Indicator (DTI). Normally the stylus is rotatable through 180 degrees or a bit more. 0.001mm? That's pretty high resolution, lab grade hardware....
  7. Re: Need help tranfering a entity from one side of a object to other

    What software?
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    Re: Unexpected Motion Buffer Starved

    Maybe this will help https://www.dynomotion.com/forum/archive/Unexpected%20Motion%20Buffer%20Starved.html

    and this...
  9. Re: Total power output of a 8x4 cnc router

    5+7kW=12 + 1 more for the steppers and computer, so about 13kW. Actual running power use would most likely be a bit less, maybe about 2/3 on average.
  10. Re: Cutting from Chuck toward Tailstock question?

    Try Back to Front cutting, normally an option in your CAM setup
  11. Re: HELP!!! 3-axis to 5-axis engraving G-CODE generate.

    Do you have a 5 axis machine? You would need 5 axis CAM software to generate the G code.

    I would just use a flat cutter rather than a V cutter, that way the letters would be 90 degrees on the...
  12. Thread: Need help

    by Jim Dawson

    Re: Need help

    Please post a picture of your part. What exactly do you need help with? ISO G code is just basic G code. What controller does your machine have? Do you have CAD/CAM software?
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    Re: burrs when milling 304 ss

    About the only thing you can do is change the order of operation. If possible do the internal feature after the side milling operation.

    The other option might be to do the side milling operation...
  14. Re: CAD/CAM beginner, which CAD/CAM software to use?

    Another vote for Fusion 360. I've been using it for a few years. A bit of a learning curve, but easy to learn.
  15. Re: Moving Sale - CNC Mill and Manual Lathe

    Posting a couple pictures and especially your location would be helpful to potential buyers.
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    Re: Adding one program to another

    That is exactly how you do it, in Notepad

    At the end of Op1 there are most likely some lines of code that look something like this:

    M5 (Spindle Stop)
    M9 (Coolant Off)
    M30 (End of Program)
  17. Re: LinuxCNC retrofit of a CNC swiss screw machine

    An ambitious project. I have done several 3 and 4 axis mills and routers and find those to be pretty simple. I have also done one lathe with a C-axis and live tooling, no Y axis or sub-spindle. It...
  18. Re: Center Z axis vs Z axis on left/right pillars of Y Gantry?

    I have only seen one machine set up like that, an old metal planer that had been converted to a CNC mill. In that case it was a fixed gantry with a moving table. The gantry could move up and down...
  19. Re: Beginner looking for advice on choice of milling machine

    The control should be the last thing to worry about. It is replaceable. I'm not sure if the Proto Trak will accept a drip feed or not, there is conflicting information on the web. Proto Trak would...
  20. Re: Beginner looking for advice on choice of milling machine

    There are many video tutorials on operating Fusion. Many post processors are built in, and others are available from the Fusion website.

    There is a learning curve as with any software, but it's...
  21. Re: Beginner looking for advice on choice of milling machine

    I'm a bit unclear as how to advise you. One normally chooses a machine for some general use case. Normally you would choose by machine type, work envelope, and spindle power. Then other...
  22. Re: Beginner looking for advice on choice of milling machine

    I have a very low tolerance for antique controllers. My personal preference is to buy a mechanically excellent machine with a dead controller. The controller is the cheap part to replace. Many...
  23. Re: Cut Outs for Electrical Boxes in Plywood

    My statement might be a bit confusing. I assume vCarve will allow a tool diameter input, but I have no experience with it.
  24. Re: Cut Outs for Electrical Boxes in Plywood

    1) You would measure the location just like you would measure it if you were going to use a saw for the cutout. You would measure from 2 edges of the plywood to locate the cutout, which means that...
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    Re: Emco PC Turn 55 backlash Z axis

    Sorry, I don't know
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    Re: Emco PC Turn 55 backlash Z axis

    If it is not a double nut, then the only way to preload it is to install larger balls. Not an easy task. I can't see enough of the nut in the picture to say what it is.
  27. Re: I hit a vacuum pod with the horizontal boring head and lost the callibration

    Sounds like you might need to re-zero your machine or maybe just the tool.
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    Re: Search for extra long bits

    Check out both of these vendors



    Either should be able to supply what you want.
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    Re: Tormach battery need

    Not in the same sense as a Fanuc system might lose parameters. Any PC based system like the Tormach has the parameters stored on the hard drive, as a file, so you won't lose the parameters on a BIOS...
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    Re: Please help me.

    Maybe check the 24 VDC power?
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