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  1. Re: buying PCNC 1100, am I asking too much?

    I would suggest checking if it can be adjusted out mechanically first, but backlash can be compensated out in PathPilot/LinuxCNC by adding a line to the AXIS section of the INI file with BACKLASH =...
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    Re: Brother TC-S2A 4th Axis?????

    I can gauruntee that Yamazen will tell you not "no" to but "hell no" to bastardizing a 4th axis together for an obsolete machine. Even if you find a factory 4th for it, I'd be surprised if they would...
  3. Re: Communicating Tormach tool number to robot

    I would imagine you have Modbus on the robot, correct? You could modify the HAL file to enable mb2hal and send the iocontrol.0.tool-number signal to a register.
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    Re: Nico's PM-25 CNC Build

    The Novakon pulsar has a sheet metal cover for its Y axis you can buy for $85. You could see if they'll give you a drawing of the flange to see if it will fit.

    Another option would be shielded...
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    Re: Brother TC-S2A

    Sounds like a dead power supply. Check for voltage coming off of its taps. If none, check the input voltage. If it's dead, find a suitable replacement from its supplied voltage and amperage output....
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    Re: How Is This Possible?

    Sand casting, investment casting, or metal injection molding are all possibilities.
  7. Re: Benchtop/ Jeweler's precision lathe build

    The spindle is one thing I would not try to DIY with the accuracy you want. You can certainly get a shaft to the right dimensions without much equipment, but do you have any way to grind a tube, flip...
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    To be fair, everyone does. Want to add a 4th axis...

    To be fair, everyone does. Want to add a 4th axis to a Fanuc mill? Fanuc will charge you $750 minimum for their tech to come out, **** around on his laptop for 2 hours, then spend 20 minutes loading...
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    Re: Hydraulic PDB?

    Before looking at hydraulics, why not add a pressure intensifier to the PDB? SMC makes one that boosts 4x that is around $250.
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    Re: BT30 Drawbar Rookie Question

    On the machines I've worked on:

    1. Never seen preload set by springs. Always a spacer.

    2. Drawbar doesn't seal on the pullstud. The outside of the gripper has an oring to prevent coolant...
  11. Re: Robodrill Machine Frame DIY mill Build

    I'm 99% certain that the frame is not from a Robodrill. As far as I'm aware, Fanuc has never used BK style bearing blocks, they've always been mounted in a casting that the motor bolts to. And the...
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    Re: BT30 Drawbar Rookie Question

    I have an Austrian made Emco F1 that has a BT30 spindle without drive dogs. Emco even made tool holders without drive dogs for it.
  13. Re: Need help brainstorming a solution for this mill turn spindle

    Doh. Apparently I can't math this week.

    .005 degrees per pulse.
  14. Re: Need help brainstorming a solution for this mill turn spindle

    I don't know what type of motor he's using in the instagram post.

    By <.0001 degrees, I was referring to the DMM servo. Servo encoders are usually classified by 2 to the power of "XX" steps per...
  15. Re: Need help brainstorming a solution for this mill turn spindle

    One example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsCHjVMoCQv/

    Another vote for DMM. The 1.8kw 120-DST-A6HK1 with a DYN-4 and cables will be around $700. Resolution under .0001 degrees and a 24VDC brake.
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    Re: Toolchanger vs Multipart /Offsets

    Drive dogs are nearly universal, but not required for BT30.
  17. Re: How important is your floating end, really?

    As one data point, the Y and Z axes of Robodrills have a floating end on their ballscrews, roughly 36" long and 16 or 20mm (can't remember). The floating end has a Nachi deep groove ball bearing that...
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    Re: Large Epoxy granite VMC building

    Your mount looks more complicated than it needs to be. Most commercial machine tool builders basically bolt an angle plate to the column casting.
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    Re: PathPilot fix?

    You set your steps per degree on the SCALE line of the A axis (AXIS 3) in your INI file. This video will get you to the INI file:


    Do you know the...
  20. Re: DIY CNC Mill - Playing around with the thought

    1. How much power do you have to drive this machine? You're headed in the direction of needing a dedicated 3 phase circuit.

    2. The torque you need depends on how much weight you want to move and...
  21. Re: New Guy here- I’m trying to decide on buying a 770M or go a different direction?

    What are your tolerances? Material type? Part size? How quickly do you need your parts made?
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    Re: iso20 vs TTS

    Cylinders with the required force are ridiculously expensive, but it's a simple project to do yourself. SMC's VBA11A pneumatic intensifier is another option for $275.
  23. Re: G0704 AW Vs. B Series Spindle Bearings

    They have the same load rating, so I can't see any reason not to try it.
  24. Re: 6-axis Horizontal Machining Center for Education

    It eliminate the need for a 12" extension on your ratcheting wrench and remove the motor that would be occupying the space your wrench needs to be in.
  25. Re: Redesigned Y-Axis Carriage with Rotary Table

    No, not the nut mounts. The flanges on the nuts in the red circles should be where the blue circle is.

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