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    Re: Lexan Window Thickness

    I plan on upgrading my to 3/8 with new bolt in pieces. I can readily get lexan, just haven't gotten there yet. Just would make me feel way safer.
  2. please delete

    please delete
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    Re: 4020 Moved and advice.

    So to update:

    I rented a set of good machinery skates and rolled alot easier.
    Pry bar is a great idea and is easy to use more on the back side of the machine so plan ahead if needing to...
  4. Lathe "washer" loop programming- G92,G52,G10 Etc

    Hello all,
    I am no way new or afraid of running subs and loops while programming lathes. I have manually coded a sub within a sub within a sub to run on older lathes as well. My problem is that I...
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    4020 Moved and advice.

    So thanks to members here and previous research over a number of years I have a new to me 4020. Measurements I recieved in my last thread for the spread on the forks probably was right, as well as...
  6. Re: Advice needed on Fadal 3016 way condition

    There is a guy on here right now that just did a turcite job himself and it didn't go so well the first time, but it is a learning curve and you can always learn from others. If where the turcite...
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