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    Re: Using 6 axis robot arm for Plasma cutting?!

    These would be things not much unlike attaching one to a traditional gantry except for limiting axis travel where the torch head could get mangled by an arms over rotation of any specific axis.

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    Re: Diamond drag toolpath issues.

    One thing VCarve still is not is an actual "Engraving Program". That's a shame. I unfortunately still use Signlab for this type of work and frankly, I wish I could just go 100% to Vcarve. But the...
  3. Re: Dahlgren System 300 Z engraver opinion value??? scrap??

    All of those brand name engravers were crazy money when new. Those older controls are pretty much just crap in comparison to a modern windows based control. I'd go nutz trying to use one these days....
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    Re: Diamond drag toolpath issues.

    H'mmmm... What Software have you used to create that toolpath ? It looks like it is zig zagging thru the image edges rather than lifting, moving over and coming back down for the next pass. The...
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    Re: stepper controller

    These things are usually caused by incorrect or incompatible step and direction signals. They can be more complicated than some realize, with drivers requiring specific timings for leading and...
  6. Re: Are there plans or products for low weight hydraulics?

    Sounds like an interesting experiment, but I think it has already been long proven that there are unrecoverable losses in fluid dynamics compared to simple mechanical drives via gears or chain...
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    Re: Newbie to Flashcut CNC - Error Code 1322

    Does the machine have homing switches at one end of each axis ? Did you home the machine to those switches before you jogged ?

    When you home the machine and it locates those switches, the MACHINE...
  8. Re: Vcarve is it possible to copy with tool path?

    Ok, I missed that you need to cut numerous qty's of the same word.

    Well, there is always the ability to do copies using potential codes in your control directly. Most controls will allow you to...
  9. Re: Vcarve is it possible to copy with tool path?

    With VCarve, you could create a job with all sorts of words that start with A, another with B, and so on. If someone wants a word that starts with R, you open the R drawing.

    If someone wants a...
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    Re: CNC Motion Control Board

    It shouldn't be, at least if it is MINT. It practically looks like and works like XP.. Same old start button in the bottom left, a popup menu of your programs, simple and easy software installation...
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    Re: CNC Motion Control Board

    BUT, you can be slowed down by other things that sadly, are only addressed deep in documentation that certainly should be in Step Config..... DEBOUNCE settings for limit switches or other touchy...
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    Re: CADs for free comparison

    Remember these words.... Whatever "FREE" cad offering your seeing or currently using that are offered by non-open source companies will very much so become NOT FREE, right about when you get really...
  13. Re: Small Composite Router Build 1000 X 600 X 300

    Gosh, I am just confused a little when it comes to building these small footprint machines out of anything but real metal. What exactly is the advantage ? Light weight ? Portability ? One could make...
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    Re: flashcut to control a relay

    I'm not exactly sure whether they intended those two connectors to be used with a traditional 3-5 volt (or higher) Solid State relay directly or not... I think I recall those two being an actual...
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    Re: sensing program zero

    Below is what I use for center finding... note that I have one on the machine that runs this twice in a row for holes. Doing it twice gave me more assurance and accuracy. Also note, you need to...
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    Re: sensing program zero

    I have made similar routines over the years and use them with Flashcut........ I'd have to look at them to see what methods I used, but I would assume they would look similar to the OP's.
  17. Re: Vacuum Pump, Who uses them and What do you use?

    I've used closed environment vacuum for work holding on and off for years. A closed environment is one where you can control your leakage, which is different than the systems that use a high...
  18. Re: Windows vs Linux Mint - Possible Strategic Advantage ?

    >>> Did you know it was written by a bunch of Russians, in Russia, and that AutocCad bought it. Why, I don't know, as they try very hard to ignore it.

    Somewhere I had read they "acquired it".... I...
  19. Re: Windows vs Linux Mint - Possible Strategic Advantage ?

    I can't speak for version 10, but my Autosketch version 9 runs under Wine. The only things I have noticed are at start up and shut down, and neither is serious.

    When I start up, I always get the...
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    Re: Diamond Drag simulation barely shows up.

    Are you setting any depth in the tool path ? Usually, when using a spring loaded spindle, one would not set any depth, and allow the depth or pressure to be put down based on your Z zero location.
  21. Re: Would you run vacuum collection in my case?

    If you do not have the space for a largish, properly plumbed exterior dust collector, consider a traditional home central vac unit. For your size machine/operation, it sounds like a fit.

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    Re: Chris' G0704 build

    .......with a sliding polycarbonate door and coroplast back and side walls.

    Ya... that is where I am headed too. Well, not completely with 80/20 though. I am thinking of just using "aluminum...
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    Re: Denford hardware choice

    I think the only reason that could exist is simply if one had to get it running with the least amount of money. Any time savings doing it thru the existing drivers is going to come from the fact that...
  24. Re: Looking for CNC Lathe With Manual Capabilities

    Pretty sure ProtoTrak is another. In fact, I believe you can grab a hand wheel even with the machine running to back off from a cut or approach to a cut and the controller will re-correct from any...
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    Re: Arduino GRBL VS LinuxCNC

    >> In any event in my simple mind your CAM solution should not be your GCode sending solution.

    I agree with this statement to a point, especially in that at least the main or home portion of the...
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