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  1. Probing in LinuxCNC using machine vision

    I'd like to share work that I've been doing combining machine vision and probing with LinuxCNC. I've made a couple videos that are on YouTube, and a link to the second is below. The short summary is...
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    Dual MPG wheels for CNC lathe

    Hi, I wasn't ready to make my South Bend lathe exclusively CNC, and so as part of a CNC conversion, I added a couple of MPG wheels to the new apron to take the place of the original hand wheels. It...
  3. CNC Conversion of South Bend SB1001 Lathe with BDTools kit and LinuxCNC Configuration

    Hi everyone. When Grizzly was closing out the South Bend SB1001 (8k, 8x18) lathe as few years ago, I bought one. Recently I bought a really nice CNC conversion kit for this lathe from Billy Dirks of...
  4. Plotting following-error of closed-loop stepper motors alongside LinuxCNC

    This is the first of three videos about real-time plotting of following-error of closed-loop stepper motors alongside LinuxCNC controlling a retrofitted mill. The stepper motors are Leadshine Easy...
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    Re: Limit switch noise: Optocoupler, 12v, 24v?

    The module looks nice and should work for signal regeneration to a different voltage. Because I can't read the chip IDs and the price, I doubt Schmitt-triggers are present. In that case, you should...
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    Re: Limit switch noise: Optocoupler, 12v, 24v?

    If higher voltages are not practical, good results are possible with shielding and signal regeneration. An opto-coupler can help with signal regeneration (and level conversation). Adding hysteresis...
  7. Abrasive Blasting With Small (5CFM) Air Compressor

    For an easy way to improve the appearance of machined surfaces, consider bead blasting. It has little impact on the dimensions of the surfaces, but large blasting cabinets consume lots of air. If you...
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    Re: Question: 15W Blue Laser Module PWM settings

    I don't have this exact module, but a similar (no documentation) module that I received was not well suited for controlling power by PWM. It's been a while and I don't remember the explanation, but I...
  9. Drilling a surface plate for measuring Tormach TTS tool length

    With a small basement workshop, I don't have space for single purpose tools. The surface plate that Tormach supplies for measuring TTS tool length is a single purpose tool, and one that does not work...
  10. FogBuster and NOGA arm for Mist Coolant control

    Hi. A really useful addition to my CNC conversion has been a FogBuster mist coolant system, mounted to a NOGA articulating arm. This allows the FogBuster is more easily adjusted while being more...
  11. Spindle lock for Precission Matthews PM-25 mill

    Hi. How do others manage to change tools on the PM-25 milling machines safely and conveniently? The PM-25 is a great mill, but the one that I received lacks flats on the spindle and all the methods I...
  12. Testing PM25MV ArizonaVideo99 conversion kit

    Hi, I've been using ArizonaVideo99's CNC conversion kit for the Precision Matthews PM25MV mill, for a few months. It's been critical to my business of prototyping lab instruments, as I have trouble...
  13. Video comparing three pendants (LinuxCNC)

    Searching for a pendant for LinuxCNC, I've tried a numeric keypad, a ShuttleXpress (like the one Tormach sells), and then a VistaCNC pendant. Before starting, I only had experience with the numeric...
  14. South Bend SB1001 CNC Lathe wth the least rigidity, stepper power, controller power

    A while back I did a CNC conversion of a South Bend SB1001 lathe using 3D printed plastic parts, an Arduino for the controller, and fairly weak stepper motors. I bought this lathe to do a CNC...
  15. Re: Request for two 1/4" aluminum plates (water jet)

    Thank you for asking. All the dimensions should be in mm. Part #2 is 586mm in length.
  16. Request for two 1/4" aluminum plates (water jet)

    I'm looking for a quote for one piece each of the attached two 1/4" aluminum plates in DXF files shipped to Iowa, USA. I suspect water jet will be the most convenient.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Electrical Ground

    Al, have you encountered problems where joining commons to Earth ground introduces more noise than it removes? Do you also join shields to the common Earth ground point? I've grounded stepper motor...
  18. Re: Seeking suitable ballscrew coupler replacement

    Yes, both the ballscrew and one coupler hub is threaded. The coupler hub presses up against beveled washers and angular contact bearings, for support of the ballscrew. You have an interesting...
  19. Seeking suitable ballscrew coupler replacement

    I need to replace an existing ballscrew coupler to match the motors. I need help identifying the coupler source. Please have a look at the attached photo.

    The coupler-ballscrew assembly is new....
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    Freddy would you please elaborate a bit on your...

    Freddy would you please elaborate a bit on your experiences? I'm mainly only interested in the Duality Lathe as an alternative to a full CNC lathe. Do you have the 4th axis rotary table? Was that a...
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    Of course, the distance from the table to spindle...

    Of course, the distance from the table to spindle is greater. Apparently Smithy (about the same as Novakon I guess) added a 6" to improve the distance but that does nothing for travel. Anyway, always...
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    Duality lathe vs. 4-th axis table

    Is it possible to step the Duality Lathe like the 4-th axis table? In videos I've only seen the Duality Lathe spinning or locked down. I'm just wondering if it is possible to "get by" with the...
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    (Novakon's) Comparison chart

    Here Novakon says the IH is tested and integrated in China. That's not correct, it is?

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    Advice on linear motion needed

    I'm hoping someone may a suggestion for the following need. It's to form randomly changing waves in a kinetic sculpture.

    I'd like to have essentially a linear motion table that can be positioned...
  25. Give a call to the Hitachi tech support for...

    Give a call to the Hitachi tech support for clarification. When I talked with them about this they said that derating was not necessary. The sentence below may provide clarification as well. ...
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