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  1. Bridgeport Interact 4 Spindle Drive


    Thanks For The Info. Who Is Emi? Would You Have A Phone Number Or Website? We Have Had The Mti-1 Board Repaired. Also Had The Fac-1r Board Repaired And All The Relays Appear To Be Working...
  2. interact 4 spindle drive won't turn on spindle

    our bridgeport interact 4 won't allow the spindle to turn on. fliud level is good. proximity switch is good. when we try to turn on the spindle the fan will come on but not the spindle. the control...
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    bridgeport interact 4 spindle drive

    i have a bridgeport interact 4 and the spindle won't turn on. everything else works when we sent a "m03" or "m04" command. we replaced the mt-1 board.. anyone heard of this problem and what to do?
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