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  1. Re: Waterjet cutting machine and waterjet cutter EAAK

    Specification of EAAK CNC water jet cutting machine:(as follows)


    X Y axis Working size
  2. Waterjet cutting machine and waterjet cutter EAAK

    EAAK CNC waterjet cutter application:
    The cutting materials are not limited (such as stainless steel,carbon steel,copper,brass,aluminum and other...
  3. Re: Anywhere to buy a 3kw spindle in Australia?

    I think you did a right decision to get another new spindle not only a bearing.The warranty of bearing on some china water cooling spinlde is only 6 month(provided from bearing manufacturers),which...
  4. EAAK water jet cutting machine EK3020 for glass marble cutting

    Product description:
    Water jet cutting machine is kind of using high pressure water cutting machine, belong to the category of could cutting, has the avantage such as compact structure, no sparc and...
  5. water jet glass cutting machine-sinowaterjet

    This is specially design for carrying large size glass after water jet glass cutting machine processed.This platform is suit for cutting glass max 4000mm length,load-bearing is max 1000kgs,the max...
  6. Two heads cnc water jet cutting machine SN2060

    Two heads cnc water jet cutting machine SN2060

    According to customer's special order,we supply waterjet cutting machine with two cutting head for improving cutting efficiency.The working size is...
  7. Replies

    SINO YAG laser metal cutting machine

    SINO YAG laser metal cutting machine
    Applicable material:
    Stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, , spring steel, alloy steel,iron, copper, brass, aluminium, titanium, metal sheets,...
  8. Water jet cutting machine for cutting glass stone metal

    Gantry water jet cutting machine SN2030

    Main use:
    Metal cutting
    1) Decoration, decoration of stainless steel and other metal cut processing.
    2) Manufacture of machinery and equipment...
  9. SINO YAG 750W laser metal cutting machine

    YAG 500W laser cutting machine,with 750W YAG laser power,it was suit for cuting metal sheet,such as stainless steel,solid steel,aluminum,copper,brass and so on.The cutting pression is very...
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