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  1. Radiant Heat Vent Holder - Just for fun

    I'm no carpenter or plumber, but with a Tormach in the workshop and a need to mount a few air eliminators in the upstairs workshop, I could see a solution.
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    Finding Center of Mass (COM)

    To simplify what I'm trying to do, I've drawn a 4 inch circle with a thickness of 0.25 inch. When I analyze the physical properties of the part, the center of mass is not 0,0,0. I'm sure it's a user...
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    I'll try that next. Thanks

    I'll try that next. Thanks
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    Coolant Pump Issues

    I've been having problems with the PCNC 1100 coolant pump since purchased new several months ago. If I don't run the coolant pump every few days, the shaft sticks. The pump must be removed, the shaft...
  5. ...like a 2yr old!

    ...like a 2yr old!
  6. USB Key - Installed Where I Won't Lose It

    Thought I'd share...

    I just built a computer dedicated to CAD and CAM and while I was ordering parts I stumbled upon a USB header that provides a USB port inside the case. I got this $12.00 part...
  7. Thank you for the replies. I called Alibre to...

    Thank you for the replies. I called Alibre to discuss system requirements and we determined my laptop is just below their recommend (video card) specs.

    I decided to order the parts to build a...
  8. Drawing on top of imported image unacceptably slow

    I have an image (a logo) that I would like to engrave in a piece of material. When I import the image (a 13 KB BMP file), drawing on top of the image is impossibly slow. Any tips for importing an...
  9. Yes! Scott (SDM Fabrication) called this morning...

    Yes! Scott (SDM Fabrication) called this morning to clue me in on the tool table. Thanks, Scott!


    I changed the tool width to 0.1170 (ruby tip...
  10. I'm having trouble with this setup (new Tormach...

    I'm having trouble with this setup (new Tormach digitizing probe). I'm using one-month old Tormach 1100 and equipment.

    I squared my vise and put in a block of aluminum. Using a new 1/2" end mill...
  11. Tormach digitizing probe off by 0.020". Where is Mach3 offset?

    I just purchased the Tormach digitizing probe and am looking for an offset value to properly locate X/Y axis. Compared to a mechanical edge finder, the probe is off by about 0.020".

    I'm still...
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