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    Re: Laser tube Reci w8

    I have no doubt that thousands of them get shipped daily overseas. Should be a breeze.

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    Re: How to Make a Deer Headwear... wrong .rld format

    I didn't know there were different .rld formats.
    I would love to make this deer head but my RDWorksV8.1 doesn't recognize this .rld format.
    Do I need to convert it somehow?
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    Re: Raising and lowering the bed

    Is there a knob at one of the corners of the bed? You may not even have a motor for raising & lowering the bed. Check to see if there is a motor. You were either shipped the wrong machine all...
  4. Re: Positioning laser working, engraving laser not

    You got figured out. Right?

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  5. Re: Laser cutter beam length limitations

    Any power loss would be insignificant to cause any problems with engraving or cutting.
    Bed leveling across all four corners would be a more significant area to concentrate on if there are any...
  6. Re: Chinese Laser Cutter loss of power on Ammeter

    Yes a new tube is in order.
    I can cut through 5mm acrylic in one pass at 65% power with my chinese 50 Watt tube. I never run my laser at more than 65% power & it will cut through 3mm at 20%. Even a...
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