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    Re: Solsylva Website Inactive

    The eMail or the web site not being active? It never hurts to try an E-mail.

    If your interest is in a wood framed router you may have to look at other designs for inspiration or prints. ...
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    Re: Are these parts suitable for cnc router


    I didn’t get past the first 7 minutes (busy today) but that video highlights one thing, that is all the misc. items you must buy.

    One thing worth noteing is that you will need a...
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    Re: Designing a new router called Brevis-HD

    Hi Pete.

    I guess the first thing that comes to mind is how do you define a bench? The short X axis and long Y bother me, this especially with the thin gantry beam. Of course if the goal is...
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    I don’t have the time to look up that drive but...

    I don’t have the time to look up that drive but I’m not really sure I’d go this route. Much of what one buys depends upon ones budget and ones expectations. If the goal is cheap go with a good...
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    Re: Kim's - BTW 4x8 CNC Build

    Wow! I’m not even pass the first page and I have to say nice work, this is a beautiful build so far! By the way your welds look awesome, professional?

    As for the epoxy leveling could you...
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    A good portion of the machines I never heard of...

    A good portion of the machines I never heard of before! That right there caused a bit of wonder as it sounded like an attempt to market new machines.

    As for desktop engraver, even here a well...
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    Re: Computer to run Linux CNC

    I was under the impression that Linuxcnc was x86. There are variations such as MachineKit but I believe they are taking a slightly different approach. I could be wrong about this as I haven't...
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    Re: Control Cabinet EMI RFI Glands and Clips

    It really depends upon the cable and how it is being used. For example some of the servo drives, even some stepper drives, provide for a clamping area to terminate the cable right at the drive. In...
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    Re: Small Desktop Router for Leather Molds

    Interesting thread!

    I suspect that I will have to agree with others that a CNC router might not be the right choice. I’d seriously consider going the CNC mill route.

    Why? Well there...
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    Re: Roco home switches

    It will depend upon what you are booking the switches up to. Frankly this can be a bit confusing! Here is one explanation:...
  11. What you will need coolant wise depends a bit...

    What you will need coolant wise depends a bit upon the aluminum alloy as some are worst than others when it comes to sticking to the.cutter. That is one of the primary failure modes in aluminum,...
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    Re: Budget Spindles...where to start?

    Ihavenofish points out an important point with respect to much of the Chinese produced machinery. That is specs for horsepower are often input power to the system. In some cases it amounts to...
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    I’m having real problems with this post. I...

    I’m having real problems with this post. I can’t imagine any human stretching timing belts by applying force to them. At least not timing belts of a size reasonable for a router. I work on...
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    Re: Screw drives and linear rails and wood dust

    I think your friend is pointing out a real issue. How bad it will be depends upon the type of dust you produce.

    In any event good maintenance prevents a huge problem from developing. Periodic...
  15. Re: Rate this kit... vfd, steppers, spindle, psu...

    I have to echo the caution about buying directly from China! It can workout if you know a way you are doing and hook up with an ethically vendor. It is much easier to buy from an importer even if...
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    Re: DOC in hard maple - what is reasonable?

    I’m not sure I buy your argument that side plate deflection isn’t an issue. I’m not trying to argue the point just that I’ve spent decades in machine repair and build and if I had $10 for every time...
  17. Extrusions aren’t exactly cheap here either. ...

    Extrusions aren’t exactly cheap here either. At least in Canada you can drive across the border for parts.

    That is an impressive video, thanks for the link. I especially like that the...
  18. A small cap across the input might help too. A...

    A small cap across the input might help too.

    A quick edit. Years ago I worked on an injection mold machine that would cause the contacts on rather heavy duty mill switches to bounce. Literally...
  19. I’d be the first to say that plastic often sucks...

    I’d be the first to say that plastic often sucks for machine parts but there are two interesting possibilities that are rather new to reality.

    First it is incredibly easy these days to get...
  20. Re: Cold weather affecting proximity sensors?

    I’d try different simultaneous axis moves. You might be seeing dips in power supply voltage. That is one disadvantage of running motors off the same supply as the rest of the electronics.
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    Re: T-slot table top question

    If the intention is to do a lot of Aluminum machining you will want an all metal solution. Like you mentioned coolant becomes a problem around wood products.

    As for which avenue is best for...
  22. No need for a separate forum. More so I’m not...

    No need for a separate forum. More so I’m not sure you have a good history on DIY CNC.
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    The term T-Slot covers a wide array of materials...

    The term T-Slot covers a wide array of materials and quality. It is probably a good idea to be specific.

    T-Slot isn’t always the most economical way to a table solution. This especially if...
  24. Re: X Axis; 2 ball screws, 2 steppers or belt drive from 1

    I’m assuming moving gantry here. A moving table design would be a different consideration.

    This is usual and for the most part good practice. That doesn’t mean other geometries can’t be made...
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    Re: Rotary Router Lathe combo

    I may not be much help here as I’ve not done much Mac3 configuration but have a few suggestions:

    1. If you want lathe like functionality run a CNC controller in lathe mode if it has one.

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