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    Stepcraft HF500 Controller Power Supply

    I plan to post this on Stepcraft forum as well, hoping a member here might answer as well.
    Eric Royer at Stepcraft USA was kind enough to quickly replace the fried PS in my HF500 controller box. ...
  2. Re: Stepcraft Sent UCCNC Software Key as Attachment

    Ger21, thanks for the quick response. Now all I have to do is find the serial number - I'll look both on the dongle (NOT an Ebay knock-off!) and the circuit board.
  3. Stepcraft Sent UCCNC Software Key as Attachment

    So, what did I do? Same as always, detach the attachment and file away (under a logical name).
    Unfortunately, I didn't realize that UCCNC looks for the file with a specific name, so I can't get out...
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