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  1. Re: Noname Chinese board: what does USB do?

    Duh. I guess a USB connector is a few cents cheaper than an isolated DC/DC converter. And it probably lures in a few buyers who think they are getting a USB CNC controller.
  2. Noname Chinese board: what does USB do?

    I got a stupid question that keeps bugging me. In this controller board, what does USB actually do? It seems to be a regular parallel port breakout board with 17 I/O pins. What do you use the USB...
  3. Re: Question about inner corners (CNC)

    Sorry, I can't see your attachments (probably because you don't have enough posts yet). Are you trying to make sharp 90-degree inner corners? That would not be possible with a round rotating tool.
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    Re: Teensy Weensy Drilling op help?

    Smart move making flat landing zones for the drill bit, I will remember that "cheat" if I ever have a similar job! :wave:
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    Re: Power supplying question

    A 5V phone charger or a similar "wall wart" will work fine. Just stick to something more or less reputable, not $0.99 eBay junk.
  6. Re: Advise me a good program to compare files.

    FAR Manager has built-in "Advanced Compare" feature, that's what I use. Press F11 ("Plugins") to find it.

    P. S. Don't forget to make a backup of BOTH folders before you start making any changes.
  7. Re: CNC Shaft Couplings, Whats out there?

    I use that kind of couplers, they work fine. They actually made my machine more quiet compared to "spiral cut" couplers.
  8. Re: Trying to cut plexiglass using my desk-CNC 1310: Problems/Advices

    Acrylic is not very forgiving, any mistake with feedrate, RPM or path geometry will cause melting. But once you figure out the best parameters for your machine and tool, it cuts nicely. Air blast...
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    Re: Servo Motor Fault

    First I would rotate the encoder by hand and see if EnA and EnB are changing.

    If the signals from the encoder are OK, I would try swapping EnA and EnB (or reversing the motor leads if that's...
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    Re: No +5V to outputs?

    The drawback is that the servos will not be disabled when you push the E-stop button.

    Do you really need a separate pull-up resistor? Your servo input may already have it, try connecting it...
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    Re: No +5V to outputs?

    Your board, like most of them, has open collector outputs. To read 5V, you need a pull-up resistor between the output and the +5 bus.
  12. Re: Stripped the column cap head screws on g0704

    Doesn't have to be a screwdriver per se, could be just a large tool with enough torque.
  13. Re: Stripped the column cap head screws on g0704

    If you have enough room to work, the easiest way would be cutting a screwdriver slot in the bolt cap with a small angle grinder.
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    Re: Cambam limitations.

    Only you can answer that question. It depends on the kind of work you do, what are your expectations, and what style of software you are accustomed to.

    To me, CamBam is the best program for...
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    Poll: Re: How fast is your homemade CNC?

    Hey, it's better to have it and not need it than the other way around. :-)
  16. Re: good quality 20 degree engraving bits

    Here is what works for me with Chinese V-cutters.

    - I use 30-degree and 45-degree tools. 15-degree cutters are way too fragile, and they do not give you any advantage in cut width.
    - I use 10 000...
  17. Re: good quality 20 degree engraving bits

    I have used PreciseBits trace isolation cutters in the past, and they definitely work well. But:

    If your current setup is breaking the tips off $1 Chinese cutters, then your $15 PreciseBits cutter...
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    Re: Driver On/Off

    Probably the best way would be to use the ENABLE signal if your stepper driver has it (most of them do).
  19. Re: NPN Proximity Switch Extension Cable

    No, they should not. Most proximity switches - not just Chinese ones, but brand names like Telemecanique/Schneider - have unshielded cables. Using 24V logic gives you enough noise immunity without...
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    Re: CNC for dummies

    I would say, simply browsing this forum should give you enough information to get started. Find out what kind of machines and software other people use to make similar parts. Then figure out what...
  21. Re: NPN Proximity Switch Extension Cable

    Solution #1: extend the cable in the middle so the end will have the original colors.

    Solution #2: buy different switches with longer cables (probably would be cheaper than buying cable from...
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    Re: $200 Spindle Motor?

    I don't think there are "blink codes" in this controller, it just flashes continuously when the motor is at zero speed. Do you have the potentiometer wired?
  23. Re: 6 axis control board smoked out a transistor , would need help to understand the

    The "transistor" you are talking about is most likely not a transistor but a 78xx voltage regulator. Can you see any markings on it?

    Since it's a linear regulator, it WILL get hot. The higher is...
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    Re: placement of VFD

    A month ago I ran into a serious problem when I mounted a VFD on a moving carriage of a LARGE woodworking machine (takes a whole tree log and makes it perfectly round). The VFD failed in just a...
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    Re: CamBam help for Slot

    Just draw a C-shaped line and make a profile operation from it.

    Draw a 0.5" circle, add two straight lines, then CTRL-A (select all), CTRL-B (break at intersections), delete one half of the...
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