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  1. Particle packaging machine midsummer weather matters needing attention

    The packaging of the goods is exquisite in different forms, which not only protects the goods inside, but also gives us great visual enjoyment, in this way, we can feel the pleasure of purchasing...
  2. The working principle and mode of vacuum packaging machine

    One. The purpose of vacuum packaging machine

    In order to prevent products in transportation and storage, due to moisture deterioration. The product is defective due to deterioration. The product...
  3. Five benefits of using a multifunctional vacuum package machine?

    Vacuum packaging machine equipment can be divided into single vacuum packaging machine, double chamber vacuum packaging machine, external pumping vacuum packaging machine, vertical cabinet vacuum...
  4. Conventional operation of semi-automatic sealer

    Conventional operation method of semi-automatic sealer:

    I. inspection and preparation before starting:

    1. The vacuum packing machine adopts 220V single-phase ac power supply and is equipped...
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