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    Re: Morbidelli Author 213

    I know the subject is from long time ago, but do you think you could provide a copy of the winxiso.exe file ?

    I found a link on internet, but when I try to use it with this file:

    H DX828.00...
  2. Re: software to convert spline curve to tangent arcs

    easymill does that (also)
    e-NC FAO La Solution Fraisage Indispensable
  3. I wrote Easymill

    I just found out that there is a full discussion about my product around here.
    I'm Stéphan Hales, the author of Easymill.
    I read quickly some of the posts, it looks quite aggressive to me.
  4. e-NC now in English

    The e-NC CAM Package exist now in english

    Known as easymill, you can reach the web site at http://www.easymill.co.uk

    You can download to try, it's free.

    You can also get a quick tutorial...
  5. New Basic CAM Software e-NC http://www.easymill.com

    Designed to be quick and easy e-NC is a new CAM software that will do all your day to day job nicely, quickly and easyly !

    e-NC is capable of doing pocket milling with islands, engraving with all...
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