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    V8 Inverter Error Code 10

    When operating my Mill Turn in manual and using the lathe spindle, I'm getting an error 10 after about 10 min of use. I start to turn up the speed control and the spindle jumps slightly, I here a...
  2. Re: Configuration files for a Millturn and Darwin


    New mill turn, Mach 4, UC 100, Windows 10 computer. Got everything working together. Not sure how I did it.
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    Re: Touch Screen Computer with Mach4

    ASUS VT229H 21.5" Monitor 1080P IPS 10-Point Touch Eye Care with HDMI VGA

    Works fine!
  4. Re: Configuration files for a Millturn and Darwin

    Thanks for the input. My frustration has me headed down the same path you are. I have Mach 3 running and getting some basics accomplished. However, I thought newer software on a newer computer...
  5. Configuration files for a Millturn and Darwin

    I'm looking for configuration files for a new mill turn for Mach 4 and Darwin. I'm a new user and it doesn't seem to make sense to start on Mach 3.
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