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  1. acramatic 2100e Hawk 150 MDI position wrong but program position correct???

    I have a hawk 150 that has been idle for a month now. my father passed away and I inheriated his machine shop. I usually run the kia lathe but need to learn to set up the hawk.
    My father has a step...
  2. Re: O-1 Steel Drilling and counter bore question???

    It turned out I was going way too fast. I turned my speed down to 135 and it was doing just fine. I had a squirt bottle of coolant spray as I was counterboring. The only issue was that the counter...
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    Re: sharp f50c set up help????

    yup still nothing
  4. O-1 Steel Drilling and counter bore question???

    So I have a part made of 0-1. There is a through hole of .516 and and counter bore of .770. I have a HSS drill that's 33/64 but it seems that the o-1 is just destroying it? Is the o-1 just too hard...
  5. how much can you take off at a time when hardturning?

    I am currently trying to hard turn right now and have not ran into this issue yet. normally the parts only need 2 grand to come off after heat treating. These parts need about 8 grand for depth and...
  6. stainless steel ID shrink in heat treat? 420

    I have a part that has a diameter of 4 inches, 1.5 inches long and with an ID that's supposed to be 2.626 inches. the current ID is 5 grand over. I'm just curious if heat treat will be able to...
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    sharp f50c set up help????

    My father passed away and he was the only one who knew how to run this edm. I was wondering if anyone could walk me through the steps of how to set this up? I know absolutely nothing about it and can...
  8. Re: NEED OF URGENT HELP. no. 2007 Al-7 troque alarm

    I have tried doing this. When I shut the machine off and turn it back on I am able to hold the standby button and it will work but it will not do anything after this and will have the same operator...
  9. Re: NEED OF URGENT HELP. no. 2007 Al-7 troque alarm

    Where would this be located on the machine??? I have never looked behind the machine but I do know that the spindle motor is on the left side of the machine if this is what you are talking about?
  10. NEED OF URGENT HELP. no. 2007 Al-7 troque alarm

    FANUC series oi-t
    kia turn 15

    Ok so I am getting a no. 2007 AL-7 troque alarm. what happen was I was setting up the machine for the workshift 0. I went to go get some coffee and my brother...
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