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    Re: Dx32 runtime error, Invalid screen

    Thanks Jon p,

    Sorry for not answering sooner ,I had a little vacation with my girl.

    And i got news!

    I took apart all the boards, gave them a good blow and reasembled them.
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    Dx32 runtime error, Invalid screen

    Hello guys!

    I got yet an other problem with my Tq 22, This time is what apears to be a Dos related error?

    First, when i load a new program either from the floppy, HD, or try to DNC it i get a...
  3. Re: Bridgeport tq22 X Axis Drive High Voltage Low

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction Jim!

    I found the issue, a few days ago, an axis stop was installed (as part of the machine maintenance to replace the old one that was shatered...
  4. Re: Bridgeport tq22 X Axis Drive High Voltage Low

    Ohh man, the is actually a fuse in each axis card, I dont know how could i pass that up!

    I just took everything out to check, and in fact the fuse on the X axis card was blown!

    i borrowed the...
  5. Bridgeport tq22 X Axis Drive High Voltage Low

    Hello guys, I've been trying to get up my Tq22 up and running, but now i have this issue.

    The table was moved all the way to the left on the X Axis, and it some how "overtraveled" and sent an...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome thread-tell us about you.

    Hey guys im a design student, wanting to learn more about the CNC world.
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