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  1. Re: Cincom Citizen L20 swiss cnc inquiry; decent?

    The Citizen and Star look to be very old machines, so you have to be concerned with part availability when things start breaking down. Suggest to run all slides in rapid and listen for any load...
  2. Citizen M12 " Cannot download NC system" Alarm

    Hi All,

    Has anyone experienced this alarm on their early 2000 model L or M machines?

    The machine's control simply shut off on me while in a power on state(but not running). When I try cycling...
  3. Re: Swiss cnc VS. Lathe with Live Tools, Y axis, and Subspindle to make little collet

    Some newer model swiss machines(Stars, Citizens, and Tsugamis) now come with an option to remove the guide bushing unit to run the machine just like a lathe....so you can test runout in both...
  4. Citizen M1-20 gang live spindle frequency drive problems

    Hi Everyone,
    I purchased a used frequency drive (Mitsubishi FR-Z024-0.4K) after my existing one shorted out. I soon realized that the used unit do not come off an M20 because it would not respond to...
  5. Ciitizen M20(m1 series) live tool bearings

    Hi everyone,
    I just purchased a bunch of MSE-106 used live end drilling/milling units and all have worn bearings and seals.
    I have all the dimensions I need, but I'm unclear on the ball bearing...
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    Re: Batteries in Cincom L25, with Meldas 500?

    Hi Lene,

    You should change the battery unit our every year.
    To be safe, you should also backup the control parameters from the Data screen using your RS232 connection.

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    Re: Citizen L32 axis servo alarm

    I see...will check into that. thanks
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    Re: Citizen L32 axis servo alarm

    If what you say were true then wouldn't the alarm follow the Amp when I swapped it with the Z2 axis Amp? Remember, the alarm always stayed on the Z1 axis even after swapping motors, encoders, and amps
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    Citizen L32 axis servo alarm

    Hi everyone,
    On my L32(older L4 series), I recently had a Z1 axis servo amplifier blow out - not sure why.... so I purchased and installed a refurbished one. The machine now powers up fine with no...
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    Gizmo is right, manuals only show you so much....

    Gizmo is right, manuals only show you so much. You're best bet is to if your local citizen ditributor offers programming classes. If not, the next step is to find a consultant like me to come in a...
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    Thanks for the feedback MCImes. You make some...

    Thanks for the feedback MCImes. You make some great points. I am aware that the coolant thru tooling is becoming more popular, but it will not completley eliminate the need for HPC lines/nozzles...
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    Annoying WinCNC problem

    Has anyone had an issue when openning WinCNC that you need to press the Insert key on your keyboard before you start typing or else characters become deleted as you type?
    Anyone know how to fix it?
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    High Pressure Coolant

    Hello all and happy holidays!
    I'm a swiss consultant/contractor which allows me visit numerous swiss houses and evaluate their procedures/operations. Once in a while for larger companies, I'm asked...
  14. Citizen M20(Classic M20) turret A-axis programmin

    I've always wondered why this machine has a programmable A-axis for the turret rotation. Has anyone ever used the A-axis for machining? For instance, could it be a substitude for a Y-axis...
  15. Thanks for your feedback guys. I think I'll take...

    Thanks for your feedback guys. I think I'll take the approach with "fudging it" on the machine by using a cmbination of a spot drill, key cutter, and possibly a custom broach tool to shave the...
  16. Machining a phillips head screw on a swiss

    I'm in the process or quoting a brass screw(large quantities) to make on my Citizen M20. The machining of the screw itself is quite simple, but what has me baffled is how to make the phillips drive....
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    You really don't need to draw the part in...

    You really don't need to draw the part in Solidworks unless it's a real complicated shape.............. you can just draw the part in PartMaker in a 2D form in the CAD section. Other than that you're...
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    Hi Jason, I'm sure I can help you out. I'm an...

    Hi Jason,

    I'm sure I can help you out. I'm an Swiss machine consultant that lives in southeastern PA. I specialize in Citizen and Star machines AND I also help support and train for PartMaker...
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