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  1. Looking For a good EDM circuit that Works

    Hi All Lyle S Africa

    Can anyone assist with a working EDM circuit for broken stud removal the ones i tried on the net has not been
    any good pref a pulsed type circuit would be apprec will...
  2. Looking for Enthusiasts colectors and machinists and gen Hobbyists

    Are there any Amateur radio operators , electronic constructors and gen machinists
    with all the big boys toys that the wife only gets to know about after around here Hahahah

  3. Thread: Your hobbies

    by zs1uok

    Re: Your hobbies

    Hi Am Lyle Capetown S Africa and busy retrofitting 6 cnc commercial machines as a hobby , but would like to connect with others have the same passion
    my email is zs1uok at gmail.com i tried...
  4. Servo drive help and a cnc leadwell vmc 25 retrofit

    Hi All
    Can Anyone Assist i have been reading a prev threads re encoders and re resolution ect

    I picked up a Vmc 25 lead well Mill and i am busy retrofitting it and mech refrub it ...
  5. Edm stud removal circuit required elect pulsed type

    Hi All
    Is there anyone who has a good elect pulsed type circuit for a edm broken stud removal mach i need to construct
    reg lyle
    email crefrig@gmail.com or leave info here thanks
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    Poll: Re: How much does an average machinist make?

    Good one
  7. Ruida 6344g touch screen controller information needed

    I am looking for someone who is using a Ruida 6344g touch screen controller on a laser cutter or other
    as i just bought one and need information urgently as the suppliers cant
    Lyle capetown s...
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    Servo motor and driver help requ

    Hi Everyone
    i have some magmotor b23 h 300 fhbx servo motors and i cant find tech info on them also there type the drivers that were
    in the printer they come out of are also unmarked and will...
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