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  1. Hi timf! The machine is a five axis mill with...

    Hi timf!

    The machine is a five axis mill with millplus control. In this control blocks without block numbers not allowed, it generates error. The problem is: setup/tooling sheet code contructor is...
  2. Re: DMU50V Parameter for C axis rotation limit

    You can use G93 C3=1 for zero out your c axis (depending on how many degrees it stand, it will be between 0-360 deg).
    It wont change your work offset c value,
  3. Post: Toolchange block numbers in setup/tooling sheet

    I want to write all of my toolchange block numbers to setup/tooling sheet in my post, but I dont know how to travel data(TC block numbers) back to the setup sheet code constructor.

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    Deckel maho DC100V pull stud

    Hi everyone!

    Can anybody tell me what kind of pull stud must be use to deckel maho dc100v(not dmc).
    Technical draw may be the best.

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