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    Re: absurdly long toolpaths..

    In running back to back comparison between fusion 360 and mesh cam the mesh cam has much longer mill times with much worse finish lot of those week long kinda things radius's seem to...
  2. Dmm's tech Tianyu, suggested switching drives or...

    Dmm's tech Tianyu, suggested switching drives or cables this lead to finding a poor crimp on the y axis cable from the breakout board to the dyn4 on the breakout board end reworking the...
  3. dyn4 servo creeping or twitching along by itself

    I tried wiring in the recommended approach for servo disable signal connecting the 14v pins together on the J4 connector and connecting the ena pin 15 to pin 1 . this approach worked on the X servo...
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    home/limit switch questions

    The application eng. at Dmm said the home- limit switch would be located in the center of the travel of the table then the pc/breakout board limit the travel by counting. I was wondering if the...
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    The Mery engine is often run on propane there's...

    The Mery engine is often run on propane there's a print for the mixer out there somewhere since a horde of the hit&miss models a run on it
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