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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Milltronics > seeking sbc centurion 5 M326 v5.5
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    seeking sbc centurion 5 M326 v5.5

    My Centurion 5 controller will not boot and I suspect the sbc may be the culprit and would like to buy a replacement or find someone that can repair mine. It was installed on a Standard Modern lathe in 1995 and dies a few days ago. The board model number is M326 V5.5. I attached some pics. One shows a trace that is dark and looks corroded and may be damaged. I would appreciate any suggestions on solving this problem.
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    Re: seeking sbc centurion 5 M326 v5.5

    Solder a wire to bypass the corroded part of the trace

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