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    Seig X2 Gib strips

    Well. Been re-building my Seig X2 conversion and my gib strips have been wearing unevenly and no longer get full contact.
    I've seen other people say they are garbage.

    My theory is that on these machines the gib screws are too high up and push on them directly at the dovetail edge rather than pushing them into the actual dovetail. Hard to explain to be fair but I'm sure you guys catch my drift.
    I'm tempted to drill a couple of additional screw holes lower down to push them in there better.

    What's the best way / equipment needed to make my own Gib strips from say brass?

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    Re: Seig X2 Gib strips

    I used my X2 to make a new gib for it. The only problem was that the angles were a bit wierd.
    I thought I was being smart by using oil impregnated bronze. I was hoping to reduce friction. It turns out there were a lot of bigger problems with the mill and I didn't solve anything.

    A well regarded Youtuber , Stefan Gotteswinter, actually bonded some bronze shim to a gib and then scraped it flat.
    Make sure the gib is not rotating in the gap because it it too thin.

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    Seig X2 Gib strips

    This how I did it with the limited tools I had at the time....

    I set the gib angle on my table saw and cut a groove in a piece of MDF just wide enough so the brass strip was snug. I also put a few drops of super glue to hold the brass in place.

    Clamped it to the mill bed and milled the brass strip edge flat. Flipped the brass strip and then milled the other edge side. Gib strip with all the correct angles.

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    Re: Seig X2 Gib strips

    On my particular LMS 3990, the X gib strip holes do not line up with the set screw holes on the saddle. quality on these is just not good, its the worst part of the X2 size mills.

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