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    Separate feed rates for X, Y, Z, A in Mach4 ?

    Folks: I have been testing Mach3 vs Mach4 to see if their is any advantage of switching to Mach4. In Mach3 there is an option to "use radius for feedrate" which allows running at a "reasonable" speed. In Mach4, if I use, for example, f100 as the feed rate X,Y, Z run at 100 inches/min and the A axis runs at 100 deg/minute, very slow. I can change the feedrate to F720 for example and it runs about the same speed as Mach3 with the A axis limiting the speed. There is no option to "use radius as feedrate" that I can find in Mach4. Is there a way to set different feed rates for the X,Y,Z and A axes in the Gcode? Artsoft says yes but I can not figure out how. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know, perhaps with a few line Gcode example.


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    Re: Separate feed rates for X, Y, Z, A in Mach4 ?

    Ok, I was able to write a PP in Rhino/MADCAM using the help section that uses G93 to generate good Gcode that Mach3/4 uses well. Apparently everyone knew this already...


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