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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > Serial communication with HBS860H closoed loop driver
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    Serial communication with HBS860H closoed loop driver


    I need help with communication with a closed loop controller from Aliexpress - I bought the driver alone since I already had both steppers and encoders, but I need to access its settings to set encoder configuration (and probably current parameters)

    It doesn't work with ProTuner - says Unknown Model.

    It has an RJ12 port that seems to have such pinout: 5V, X, X, GND, Rx, Tx. ProTuner sends a sequence (01 03 00 FD 00 01 15 FA), the driver responds with (01 03 02 00 00 B8 44) and then the software says "Unknown Model".

    It has a GD32F330C8T6 CPU and RJ12 seems to be connected directly to it (no MAX232 or similar):
    1 - ? - 5V
    2 - 34 - PA13 - Default: PA13 Alternate: IFRP_OUT, SWDIO, SPI1_MISO(5)
    3 - 37 - PA14 - Default: PA14 Alternate: USART0_TX(3), USART1_TX(4), SWCLK,SPI1_MOSI(5)
    4 - GND
    5 - 43 - PB7 - Default: PB7 Alternate: I2C0_SDA, USART0_RX, TIMER16_CH0_ON
    6 - 42 - PB6 - Default: PB6 Alternate: I2C0_SCL, USART0_TX, TIMER15_CH0_ON

    It seems to differ from the one found on pictures in that it has 8 dip switches instead of 6, with last two not described.

    pictures are here https://www.cnczone.com/forums/membe...s-hbs860h.html

    I have three questions:
    1) Has anybody seen this, managed to access its settings? how?
    2) Can someone who has some version of HBS* controller provide a dump from the serial port of the session when he opens the connection, reads settings, changes something and save them? (with any serial monitor like https://www.com-port-monitoring.com/downloads.html - there are a lot of different free apps for that)
    3) Can someone who bought any HB* driver (can be HB860H, HBS860H , HB86H or HBS57) and confirmed that it works with any tuning software provide a link to the seller and precise info on the model? (and preferably cable)

    I know that there is a different version of the drive/board with a TMS320F28035 CPU - does it work with ProTuner? I know _some_ work, because there are YT videos, but they usually bought kits.


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    Re: Serial communication with HBS860H closoed loop driver


    Have you been able to connect to HBS860H RS232?

    I have the same problem.... I have another driver HBS86H and works fine.....

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