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    Setting Micro Stepping in UGS

    Not sure if I'm in the right place , if wrong place moderator please move it to the proper place , thanks . I finally have my small machine running some . Old MAX NC 10 , powermax 11 steppers , currently a Arduino Uno & a CNC shield . I have my cnc shield set for half stepping , I can not find anywhere how to set half/step's in UGS . Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find instructions for setting
    1/2 stepping in UGS ?

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    Re: Setting Micro Stepping in UGS

    UGS doesn't need to know this information because it gets the actual positions in mm from the grbl controller.
    All configuration is done in the grbl controller. Set the "X-axis travel resolution in steps per millimeter": parameter $100 to set the actual value.

    there is a grb WiKi where you can find information on how to use it and more.

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