Hello every one
We have some old Taiwan machine, somebody had changed its system from old fanuc to Syntec 6MA-E controller
He had connected the servo motors, spindles, switches ....
For some reason he didn't completed his work to the end, and we bought the machine in this situation (X,Y,Z and main spindle are working, and umbrella ATC 200 tool is not working and other small things that need to be sest)

Now I have some knowledge about PLC and automation in general, also about CNC but this is first time I set up Syntec System
My questions is:

Q1. What is the tool that can I manage Inputs and Outputs cards along it; How can I know the old man which inputs/outputs used for which motions and sensors.
Q2. I took a backup copy of the system, and I opened it on PC, I found Ladder file and be able to edit it, I tried to restore edited ladder file twice but couldn't success, The old file always still the same.
Q3. How Can I setup the function keys on the keyboards (5 ones) to dome special option (Clamp, unclamp the tool manually...)
Q4. When executing M06 command, the controller stop on that line and wait some thing (that not happening forever! )

I tried to find some fundamental way but I couldn't so if some body can help it will be nice, even if gives some references...