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    Shop Sabre plasma

    Help... plasma machine is stuck in a vicious cycle of 0-12 0-30 0-50 alarms . Machine is low hours but has sat for almost a year while we were using a new laser. Laser took a crap and now I gotta get plasma running for production. Water in table is new but has some rust floating in water? New filter in hypertherm 65 plasma. New electrodes and nozzles. Machine dives into aluminum and tries to keep going instead of sensing that it touched the aluminum. It constantly gets the 0-30 stuck torch combustibles alarm. Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Shop Sabre plasma

    Water tables and ohmic sensing do not get along. Water enters the torch and creates a short to ground so its hard to build a circuit to sense the very minimal voltage drop. We have a solution with Linuxcnc but that may not help you. All you can do is try pulsing the torch to get post flow going before you start cutting. The Hypertherms seem to be more prone to this than my Thermal dynamics.
    Rod Webster

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