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    Nov 2021

    Shopsabre cnc makes a bad 3d gorve

    Hi we are having problems with our shopsabre pro 408 cnc Its making some pretty bad ridges in a 3d cut we are making.
    Also we have the same problem when it cuts around a corner we get ridges. Ill try to attach some pictures. I was wondering if anyone else had these problems
    or if something is wrong with the code.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20211109_101548 (2).jpg   20211109_195137.jpg  

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    Nov 2021

    Re: Shopsabre cnc makes a bad 3d gorve

    Sorry about the pics they're a little hard to see. It seems to do fine on a straight run but when it gets to a circle or corner it starts to make ridges.

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