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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > WinCnc > shopsabre pro404 wincnc error "could not initialize the Pic 33 chip"
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    shopsabre pro404 wincnc error "could not initialize the Pic 33 chip"

    Wanted to see if anyone has successfully resolved the following WinCNC error?

    "could not initialize the Pic 33 chip"

    We have a shopsabre pro404 and started having issues with the X axis intermittently not working. After replacing the pic33 and buffer chips on the WinCNC daughterboard everything worked for another week. Then the whole system died and started throwing this error.

    We sent the PCI7200 card and daughterboard back to WinCNC and they determined something had caused the all the chips and line driver board to blow. They replaced the broken components and sent it back to us, but upon installing the card and plugging in the CNC we were greeted by the same error. We have tried putting the card in another PC but that does not solve the issue.

    Leading theory is that something immediately blew the driver board a second time once it was plugged into the machine.

    Shopsabre / WinCNC support has been fantastic thus far but just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this error and what your resolution was.


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    Re: shopsabre pro404 wincnc error "could not initialize the Pic 33 chip"

    Please give us a call, we would like to keep helping you work through it and avoid chasing down a rabbit hole of online forum diagnostic

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