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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Tormach Personal CNC Mill > Tool Breakage Detection (continued)
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    Tool Breakage Detection (continued)

    I posted an example PathPilot tool break control subroutine for use with fusion in the PathPilot forum but it didn’t raise much interest. I’ve since updated the routine, added lots of features and removed them many of them again. Crashed the tool into the tool setter and into a 123 block and you can download the result below. I thought I’d post this version in the this forum because it doesn’t just concern PathPilot but also the ATC and 24h operation.
    The video is a bit longwinded but I hope it’s understandable and of use to someone.
    If anyone does actually try it feel free to report any issues or anything which might be missing.


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    Re: Tool Breakage Detection (continued)

    it's great that you share! l don't run unattended, but if l did, I'd be all over this!

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    Re: Tool Breakage Detection (continued)

    Turbostep, THANK YOU! I've been meaning to deep dive this but have just been too darn busy.

    I'll check out the video and share any constructive feedback, if there is any to be had of course :-)

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