Hi guys ,

I have had this isel MBP 3020 for about a year now , and am trying to learn how to use this thing. I must say first off , i live in Denmark where cnc support IS VERY costly and i have no way to afford any kind of service.

Second i am not a machinist AT ALL , i got the machine for a few bucks with no knowledge at ALL to cnc machines. But i do know my way around software and i have worked with electronics before.

I am hoping in the end i will be able to use it for making signs and things like that in wood.

Now almost everything is working and i say almost cause it has some flaws but it runs.

As far as i can understand then this should be almost identical to the cpm 3020 from isel and here is the manual then :


I would really like to install one of those cheap sensor plates for the Z axis , i have bought one off ebay as i am just learning still.

But i just cant find any info on how to actually install those things in my machine, and there i was hoping someone in here might helpful..

The machine is all original ., running with a USB to RS232 cable to my pc ., and using galaad with a hobby licence to run it..

If anyone has good knowledge to this machine i would REALLY REALLY appriciate any help i can get.

I have also had problems with it when doing reference runs , cause it will hit the limit switch and wont back off it again , so it will stop and come up with an error stating it is blocked in one of the limit switches and i will then have to turn it off and manually move the axis back , and sometimes multiple restarts of galaad.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place , and sorry if im writing to much on my first post..

Best regards ,

Kristjan in denmark